PC Game Haven is still a relatively new site focused on providing awesome PC gaming related content. Thousands of gamers are currently using one of our tailored gaming PC builds and you could be the next!

Who Are We?

Right now, PC Game Haven is just 1 person, me, Branton. So this section is going to be pretty boring :). I’m 26 and I take care of everything around here, from the design to the development and even answering comments & emails.

I’ve always been intrigued by anything even remotely related to technology and growing up I was always pulling something electronic apart, just to put it back together again. That transitioned into making Frankenstein-style desktops from random components and continued on from there. Fast-forward to now, I’ve personally built dozens of desktops over the years and I’ve helped well over a thousand people build their own through PC Game Haven since June 2015.

I’m also an avid gamer (could you guess?). What started out as playing Ultima Online, Counter-Strike <1.5 and Rainbow 6: Rogue Spear (way back in 1999/2000) quickly escalated into having way too many games and way too many hours “invested” into them just a few years later. You can still find me playing all kinds of games, from FPS to RTS and even some of the more economy driven MMOs like EVE. I’m also a big fan of RPGs like The Witcher, certain Final Fantasy releases, and you can’t forget classics like Baulders Gate.