Building Your Own Gaming PC vs. Buying a Prebuilt

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If you want to play games on a PC, building your own is almost always better than buying a prefab. There are definitely those rare times when you can get an awesome prebuilt gaming PC, but those are few and far between and you’re usually just going to get ripped off with sub-par hardware instead. So, let’s take a look at some reasons why it’s better to build than buy!

Price vs. Performance

A big part of PC Game Haven revolves around gaming PC builds, so you can bet that price vs. performance is constantly on my mind. This is also a major reason why I do not see much value in prebuilt gaming PCs, the price vs. performance can’t be justified when you could get way more for the same price or cheaper.
Sure, they’ll spice up the deal by tossing in a low-end keyboard & mouse, an operating system, and a whole bunch of bloatware, but you’ll still end up dishing out more than you should. Sometimes you’ll even get a guarantee on “parts & labor” which you’ll have to ship your PC away for, and that’s not worth it in my opinion – most components you buy to build your own PC will have at least a 1-year warranty, and it’s way faster to have a replacement part shipped to you than it is to ship your PC out for service.

Bad Parts (usually)

Ok, maybe not bad, but most prebuilt gaming PCs don’t use the best hardware for gaming, and they’ll usually go crazy with either the CPU or RAM while giving you a completely garbage graphics card in comparison, which completely wrecks a potentially decent build, especially when it’s supposed to be for gaming! Yeah, you could upgrade it later, but wouldn’t you rather get something good the first time, for the same price or cheaper?
cybertronpc borg q gm4213a review
Take this CybertronPC Borg-709 as an example, it going to cost about $700 and it comes with an AMD FX 6300 processor, a 1GB Nvidia GTX 750 graphics card, 1TB of storage, and some throwaway mouse & keyboard combo. This is honestly something that you could build yourself for way less than $500, and you would be sorely disappointed if you ended up wasting your money on this desktop. I mean, if you were to compare it to our $700 gaming PC build, you’ll see what I mean.

It’s not all bad either, and sometimes you can get some really unique and interesting features when buying a prebuilt desktop. But be careful, because these extra features usually end up doing little (or nothing) to affect the actual performance, and performance is something that you’ll probably be lacking.

But, you’ll always have way more control over what’s going into your PC, when you’re the one putting it there! This is why DIY builds are always better than buying a prefab!

The Bottom Line

A business is about one thing, making money. Most companies who build prefab gaming PCs are going to mark their prices up / use sub-par hardware in an effort to make more money wherever they can, because that’s business. Avoid prefabbed gaming PCs whenever possible!!!

On the other side, there are lots of websites like us who aim to provide solid alternatives by giving you the absolute best build possible for roughly whatever price range you need. You’re going to get a way better deal by building your own, and that’s pretty much guaranteed.



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