10 Smart and Crucial Tips to Maintain Computer’s Condition

Written by Lisa

Last updated Jan 5, 2022

To keep your computer in a great working condition where you can have smooth performance, you need to maintain it regularly. A bit of care can keep the digital devices away from unwanted conditions like CPU overheating, battery drainage, etc.

The below-mentioned computer tips will make your computer highly productive for longer.

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#1 Clean Up Disk on Regular Cycles

This is a very crucial point to take care of if you want your computer to perform well all the time. Freeing up disk space should be a habit. You need to delete other storage as well as other unnecessary files regularly. Doing so lets you work on a computer smoothly without confronting any unwanted hindrances. It can be done easily with some manual clicks through the Control panel of the computer. The second option to do so is getting help from relevant cleaner tools and apps.

You can also delete files manually, but keep in mind that some data, such as temporary files, are not something you want to tinker with yourself.

#2 Keep Your Computer Protected


Unwanted scratches, bumps, slips, and drops can damage your computer. To safeguard your computer, especially when it is a laptop that you take along everywhere, you need to use skins that work as a full-body sticker. Hand-shell covers, messenger bags, and other related protective layers should be used to make your device safe everywhere.

#3 Keep the Cords and Wires Organized

The bunch of cables and wires look like messy clutter. To handle it, you can get a rotating power strip that assists you in getting a single line (you don’t need multiple inputs). Color-coding cables and cable clips, or my favorite, velcro ties,  are also helpful to make this mess clear for you. Always make sure that the wires are away from your children’s reach. Also, these wires should not be at a place where you usually walk. This can turn into big damage to the device or your physical damage.

#4 Plan Backing Up Data on Regular Time Interval

This is so sudden and unplanned to see the data loss due to random hardware issues, or it can be seen due to some apps/software crashes. This is vital to keep the data backed up always. The backed-up data can be stored on a hard drive, or you can store it on the cloud. If you face physical damage to the computer, the device can be replaced, but software clashes or sudden unwanted data deletion makes you empty-handed where you cannot retrieve data. I recommend looking  at software such as Acronis or VEAAM.

#5 Update Software & Operating System

Let your computer perform with cutting-edge techniques by updating the operating system as the new OS version comes on the market. It provides you a better feel where you can see different background alerts like computer scans for virus identification, crucial notifications, etc. Always update the OS whenever you see it on the screen. It may take a long period but, don’t interrupt the process if it is on the go.

#6 Remove Unwanted Programs & Junk Files

The unused programs and junk files that haven’t been used for so long can create a havoc situation for you. It creates performance hogs when you update the operating system or run a scan. Don’t wait till the time when your computer asks for freeing space. Permanently delete such files and programs to avoid unwanted mess. Also, remove temp files and cache files.

#7 Don't Keep Your Computer on Charge All the Time

Overcharging can also make your laptop slow in performance. If the battery is almost drained, only in that condition connect the charger or at least 50% of the battery is remaining. No matter if you are working all day, if you keep it on charging, you will face low charging capability. When the battery reaches up to 100%, instantly remove the charger.

#8 Use Antivirus Software


Unwanted malware attacks are annoying and can put your computer or software within a non-working mode. The basic regular and weekly scan can help you to keep your computer safe from malware. Malware scans are required to keep your system in healthy condition. Slow performance of the browser, crashed system, disconnection of network connections, and many such unwanted acts show the malware attack’s impact on the system.

#9 Change or Update the Passwords

Keep passwords of your system, apps, and other crucial passwords updated. Password changes at regular time intervals help you to protect your data from third-party intruders; this is why it also comes in a list of computer maintenance tips. Consider using software such as LastPass, Bitwarden or 1Password.  These tools will make managing your passwords way easier!

#10 Organize Everything More Efficiently

Messy computer folders or computer desktops can slow up the performance of your computer. Creating large main folders along with small internal folders, removing downloads, cleaning up desktops, organizing files with clear names; all such acts can help you to manage data properly. If you want an idea where large files are hidden look at a tool like WinDirStat – Windows Directory Statistics.

Following these tips on a regular basis will help you keep your computer healthy and high-performing for longer.

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