2016 KSH roadmap for Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers

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Marek Rosa (CEO of Keen Software House) dropped a big update today in regards to the future development plans for both Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers. The update came in the form of a post on Marek’s personal blog, and wow there’s a lot planned! But, Marek also had this to say before diving into the post “Before I continue, I would like to remind everyone that everything I say here is subject to change.”

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Both KSH games are still in early access, and they’re both pretty decent with that fact considered – but what’s shown in the roadmap really paints a picture of how the games should progress as we proceed through 2016.

One of Keen’s biggest focuses for Space Engineers revolves around improving the overall multiplayer experience by cleaning and optimizing code as well as game logic optimizations. Lots of other points were mentioned, like a more refined FPS feel, updated sounds, and official persistent servers just to name a few. I was a little disappointed not to see any mention to ME-style compound building to be implemented into SE – but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Medieval Engineers is a lot newer than SE, so you can expect to see tons of new content added over the next year. The addition of planets is the first thing mentioned, and although I personally find this strange for a Medieval game, it might be cool at the same time. Lots of new blocks are mentioned, like gates, mechanical blocks, and more compound building combinations. We’ll also see a faction system at some point, as well as the ability to claim land.

There are also engine-specific changes being made which will effect both ME and SE. By far the coolest addition, in my opionion, is “ME + SE player skills” which could be hinting at any number of things. A simple economy model is also mentioned, and it will be interesting to see what KSH has planned on that front. Finishing the transition to full physically based rendering is also in the works, and the example shots look great!


All-in-all, this massive update from Marek Rosa is absolutely full of information about the direction that Keen is taking with their games as we go through 2016. There are some things that I personally would have liked to have seen mention of, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers – compound building for SE would be great.

What do you think? Was Marek’s update informative enough? Was there anything you had hoped to see mentioned? Let me know below! 

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