5 Excuses Used For A Bad Video Game Port DEBUNKED

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In this absolutely bang-on video by YouTubers gameranx, he goes over 5 common excuses used by AAA game developers to launch half-assed game ports…. Looking at you WB.

Things like pirating, alleged lack of interest, ridiculous system requirements, lack of controller support and locking games at 30fps are things that games ported from consoles have suffered from. Well, maybe everything suffers from pirating, but I guess it could be a reason to not make a game for PC..

From games with crazy system requirements that blow away the console it was launched on has also been an issue; to games being ported so poorly that they won’t run well on even the best 3x SLI TitanZ machine you could build. Both are a pain, and can make you feel like you’ve just wasted $60 on Arkham Knight… I mean a AAA game..

Not having controller support in a game that should, really sucks. Gameranx uses the example of Mass Effect, and this is something I can definitely relate to. When I bought the ME 1&2 bundle from Steam, I was stoked to hook it up to my TV and replay the series… Only to find out that ME1 doesn’t have controller support… That sucked.

30fps lock? Really? Really devs? Like they mention in the video, it actually takes extra time to cap a game at 30fps…. So, why would they do it? Well, you would be fair in assuming its to make things identical to console…. by not taking advantage of PCs 60fps+ potential.

All-in-all, it’s an awesome video to watch if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, and you probably do if you’ve read this far!

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