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Sloclap’s new brawler, Absolver, launched just 3 days ago on both Steam and GOG and already has cheats uploaded on one notorious website. Yes, you read that right, 3 days after launch cheats including god mode and instakill have already been released en masse.

No, I won’t link to the site that contains the cheats, but it’s very easy to find via a simple Google search if you want to see for yourself. Why won’t I link to them? 2 reasons. The first reason is simple, I don’t condone cheating in online games. Second being that I can’t guarantee the site or the downloads they provide are “clean” and because of that will not link to them. I care about my readers, and I would hate to see someone get malware or something similar through a link I’ve left.

Instead of linking directly to the cheats, I’ll leave you this link to a thread on the Steam Community that provides video proof of both god mode and instakill.

Anyway… How this will affect the growth and development of Absolver is still unknown, my best guess is that it’s not going to be good. Cheats will always exist in games, but to see a trainer widely distributed just a couple of days post-launch is definitely not a good sign for any game. This is unfortunate because Absolver is an amazing game if you’re into melee fighting and harsh competition.

On top of the week 1 cheats, Absolver has also undergone a slew of server-related issues since launch, with some regions being completely devoid of any dedicated server support. But, the player count has remained relatively strong and hasn’t fluctuated a whole lot since release, yet. I can’t imagine that it will drop by a huge amount, unless the cheating gets prevalent or the servers aren’t stabilized soon enough.

Those couple of faults aside, I’ve really been enjoying Absolver. The story & PvE experience is rather light, but the MP / PvP more than makes up for it. Right now there are only 1v1 matches to take part in, but the devs have already confirmed that more modes will be released sooner than later as well as more of the world to explore. I can only imagine that there will be other additions (that haven’t yet been mentioned) as well, personally, I’m hoping for some more fighting styles outside of the realm of Kung Fu, some Muay Thai or Karate would be cool to see implemented at some point.

I can only imagine that there will be other additions (that haven’t yet been mentioned) as well, personally, I’m hoping for some more fighting styles outside of the realm of Kung Fu, some Muay Thai or Karate would be cool to see implemented at some point.

Have you tried Absolver, yet? Let me know what you think of it in the comments! 

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Yes! Throws and locks could be really fun additions to Absolver, depending on how they are designed (function-wise). I mean, if they are too easy to pull off it will look kinda silly if everyone just goes around throwing people right and left…

And to be honest, there is quite diverse moves, ranging from the before mentioned karate, kick boxing, kung fu, to tae kwon do, and in my eyes even a little capoeira (one of the high kicks, can’t remember it’s name atm). But yes, more of the diverseness would be appreciated!

Maybe that could be another style, entirely, with it’s special being a dodgeable grab that acts like a slow parry but can transition into a throw (or a lock?). Maybe adding some new moves in the process, such as more parry attacks, chargebreak into throw or other cool stuff like that.

For the PvP it would be fun with alternate modes, maybe CTF or something similar. A cool idea would be a game mode where several players team up and fight a large mob of NPCs togther, which leads up to some kind of boss battle. Most kills/damage done wins maybe?
Then there could be a randomized maze runner mode, in which you try to escape a labyrinth, passing by obstacles such as enemies (guards), traps, dead ends and minor puzzles. The player who manages to go the farthest before dying or reaches the exit first wins. The difficulty increases the longer you are in there.

All the possibilities!


Found this article while clicking around (you know very well why I should think (i5-3450 and all that 😉 )), and I just had to point out that there is in fact some karate moves already. For example “Mawashi” or “Mawashi geri” which basically means sideways kick. And the “knife hand” technique is frankly karate as well. Honestly, most of the Forsaken moves can be interpreted as karate, although the Absolver wiki is telling us otherwise (Kick boxing). Even Khalt provides a little karate, you know, low stances and such. But I agree, I would love to see a new style based on traditional karate, with maybe parries into grabs and poise attacks.

I also agree on the PvE/PvP ratio, but I’d really appreciate a little more content PvE wise, and some adjustments to the PvP (add-ons?).

A little balancing between fast and light/slow and heavy attacks, poisebreak and damage would be a welcomed tweak as well.

All and all I hope the devs are up for the task to make Absolver the masterpiece it could become.
Glad to see another Absolver as well 🙂