ArcheAge : Is it really worth it?

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Instead of dragging this on, and making you wait until the end to find out if ArcheAge is really worth it; No, it is not worth it.

The main reason ArcheAge isn’t “worth it” is due to the absolutely INSANE queue times. At any given time, there is at least an hour lineup to get into any of the North American servers, the worth being “Kyrios” with wait-times up to 4 hours. One of the servers with the shortest wait times on average is “Aranzeb” which usually only has an hour lineup. Now, don’t let these queue times fool you, ArcheAge is widely populated by brand new players as the game has only been released for a few days, but, a lot of those new players flake out after the same day they start, just because of the absolutely ridiculous wait times.

These queue times are absolutely killing ArcheAge, so far with F2P players, the turn-around rate has basically been 1 day as no one wants to sit in line for 2 hours to play a sub-par rewash of any other MMO you’ve played, with extra elements you could find in your run of the mill Facebook game. Purchasers of any of the founders packs, or the “Patron Pass” were supposed to get shot to the front of the lines, but, based on talking to some free to play people, this is not the case. Free to play, and patrons alike, are having to experience the EXACT same wait times, so are we really going to spend $20/month to have a house in a brand-new, but dying game? I know for a fact that I’m not going to be updating my subscription unless they rectify this issue.

Now, don’t get me wrong, ArcheAge has tonnes of potential to be a great game, but it just isn’t there yet. It feels like it was another victim of the “unfinished release” trend that has been booming for the past couple of years. (What was the last game you remember that was released with ALL of the features it was advertised to have? I bet you’ll have to think about that one.)

Another massive concern with ArcheAge is the complete lack of housing space which has been “unlocked”. This caused numerous “head-start” players to round up every bit of land there was on the first day of said head-start. The reason this is discerning is the impact it’s had on the ingame economy. These very limited players who own the vast majority of the land due to the lack of thought put into the head-start, they are now able to effectively control whatever market they want, with whatever currency they want, which absolutely ruins an economy based game.

The third big issue is guilds and guild interaction, or lack thereof. Sure, you can make a guild, and you can invite people to your guild, you can even assign a couple of pre-made roles like “commander” “officer” or “member” and even upload your own custom “crest”. But that’s as far as guilds go. There are no auxiliary options for anything like an “officer chat”, guild-banks or anything else really. In a game that is almost entirely guild dependant, one would only assume that there would be more interaction within the workings of a guild, but unfortunately, there is not.

Lastly, and this issue might be the biggest for some people, is the broken PvP/raids. The game is broken into 2 main continents, and 1 smaller continent that can be easily accessed by both factions, and of course each faction has their own continent. The are actually a few problems revolving around this, so bare with me. The first is to do with trade-runs, and protecting said trade-runs; Right now, when crossing to the other continent, a “visitor” can only defend, and cannot attack, where as a faction member of that island essentially has free-reign over when to attack (in certain areas), this in itself doesn’t pose an issue, the issue lies with defense. Only the character who is attacked can riposte, as opposed to the whole party being able to pose a defense, this, to me, is a huge shortcoming because what kind of “party” isn’t going to defend one of it’s members who is being attacked? On the same note, how come every lv50 can attack 1 person?? If they’re going to make it so the party can’t defend, they should also make it so only 1 person can launch an attack on 1 trader. Thats just my opinion. Another shortcoming involving PvP is when it comes to guards, a lot of the time you will notice “red” players running for a guard protected zone while on your continent, 9/10 times these guards are more keen to protect the enemy, than they are you, in fact, theyre more liable to kill you for defending yourself if attacked in town, than killing your attacker. In almost every case, your own guards will always choose to work against you, which makes little sense, and completely ruins PvP unless you’re in open water, where there are no guards to hide behind.

All-in-all, ArcheAge has a long way to come before it can be considered “worth it”. With a minimum of 1 hour waiting times, and a maximum (so far) of 6 hours, is it really something you want to start investing time into? Or should we all just find something a little more… not run by trion?

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