Battlefield 1 – Hardcore mode, custom servers & more!

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Battlefield 1 has been out for roughly two weeks now, and we’re finally getting some official information regarding some of the features & fixes that a lot of players have been waiting for since launch. This most recent official release is absolutely full of information that you should definitely check out.


If there’s one feature that I was the most disappointed about not seeing at launch, it absolutely has to be hardcore mode. This is a game mode in which guns do extra damage, the marking function doesn’t light you up with an icon, and the HUD is drastically limited. I’ve always gravitated towards this mode in previous BF installments and I’m really stoked to see it mentioned in this update. Another new game mode coming is called “Fog of War” and it’s basically TDM with heavy fog, no HUD and no player markers – sounds like fun!

Custom servers are something else that a lot of people were disappointed to see omitted from the launch of BF1, but Dice announced in this update that rented servers will be making an appearance in BF1 sometime in the near future. Something to keep in mind is that these servers will be rented through Dice/EA and 3rd party servers will not be officially supported.

Something else we’ll be seeing over the next few weeks will be some changes made to the Suez map in Conquest. Lots of people have complained about the amount of cap points and the sizes of the cap zones, so to fix that we’ll be getting 2 more cap points added and the zones around the A & C (city) cap sites will be made smaller. Personally, I kind of like the way Suez is now as it’s extremely chaotic and I think it’s a good change of pace from some of the bigger conquest maps.

Lastly, in December we’ll be getting a new free map dubbed “Giant’s Shadow” which will throw us into the Battle of Celle which took place during 1918 as the allies broke through what was called the Hindenburg line in Eastern France. If I had to guess, I would think that Giant’s Shadow will turn out similar to Amiens but with significantly more open space to cross while getting chewed apart by sniper fire and mortars. In my opinion, BF1 really needs some more wide open maps filled with deep & muddy trenches – especially for the Operations mode which tends to feel a lot like another great (and slower / more authentic feeling) WW1 shooter named Verdun!

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Well I’ve been playing Battlefield 1 since it came out and I’m only play it on Hardcore now I seem to can’t find any servers that play hardcore with the HUD turned on I do not personally like to be forced to play hardcore with the HUD turned off on every server because I cannot understand and comprehend what is going on on the battlefield I don’t know what I want to attack because you only know what’s happening after they’ve already taken it and you find yourself dead and shot up I can’t maneuver cuz I don’t know where the enemy’s position that and no one’s talking people have their mics turned off I think it’s just BS