Battlefield 1’s Multiplayer is… great!

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Battlefield 1 officially released yesterday (not counting the preorder release of Oct 18th) and since then I’ve had some time to put a few hours into the various multiplayer game modes – haven’t touched single player outside of the intro sequence, yet. BF1 is definitely a fast-paced and exciting FPS, but it really feels like it’s lacking one or two features that I personally would have liked to see.


Overall, Battlefield 1’s multiplayer is what you’d expect from another addition to the BF series, it’s fast-paced, large-scale, and there’s always tons of explosions going off left & right. Playing on a full 64-person server is a lot of fun and it’s definitely something you’ll probably want to experience first-hand. Not only that, but it’ll run really well on lower-end hardware considering how much is usually going on around you. The balance between the 4 different classes seems pretty decent, but I’d really like to see more bolt-action rifles considering they were the most used weapon platform of that era. Vehicles are lots of fun to cause devastation in, and cavalry combat can also be really exciting when you’re on a good run of hacking apart the enemy with your saber. The revamped melee mechanics and various styles of weapons are something else I’ve had lots of fun with as there’s not a whole lot that’s more satisfying than a good melee finish in something like Battlefield!

There’s also been a lot of really positive changes from the previous BF games, like the old Battlelog system being dropped for an in-game server browser and everything else you’ll need… in game! That’s honestly something that I was really stoked to see because I really couldn’t stand the old way of finding servers, etc. Other features have been revamped / changed, but I’ll get into those in an actual review.


With all the positive vibes I’ve gotten from BF1 so far, I also got some less-than-positive vibes; nothing that really kills it for me, but just some things I would have liked to see more than anything. First and foremost is the lack of a hardcore mode, but, it’s being added in soon along with another mode called “Fog of War”. If you’re unsure what hardcore mode is, it’s basically a limited HUD, increased damage, more intense way to play Battlefield, it’s something that’s been around for a long time in BF games (and other FPS) and it was really something I was hoping to see in BF1 at launch. Another small gripe I have is with the very basic progression system, after a few hours of playing a class effectively you’ll pretty much have everything unlocked outside of different weapon skins, to me this is a little too simple when compared to previous iterations of Battlefield where you’d have to grind forever just to get that one weapon/attachment that you really wanted.

Yes, I understand weapon attachments were not commonplace on the battlefields of World War 1, but since they’ve already tossed in some firearms with vertical foregrips(something that did not exist in WW1 as far as I’ve found), why not add some more “believable” mods and allow us to really customize weapons opposed to buying 3 of essentially the same gun with pre-selected mods (scopes, foregrips, etc). Some different looking bayonets would also be awesome because those were definitely prominent in WW1 – there was no “single” bayonet model and some were pretty gruesome! Some Country-specific weapons would also be nice to see.

There’re a few other things I’ve noticed like medic revives not counting towards the team’s score like they used to in previous BF games – although while you’re attacking in the Operations game mode, the revives really do count, even if it’s not directly towards your score. Another small complaint related to the medic is their choice of weaponry, I really feel they should get some close-quarter options considering most medics are almost always going to be on the front line/up close & personal.


All-in-all, the few things that I would personally like to see changed are completely overshadowed by the rest of what Battlefield 1 has to offer, which is pretty damn good if you ask me. I’ve barely even scratched the surface in this quick write-up regarding the full features of BF1, but by this point, I’m almost certain that we all know basically what to expect. It’s ultimately an amazing FPS with a couple of quirks that’ll no doubt be ironed out sooner than later. As far as multiplayer goes, Battlefield 1 is a really solid addition to the series and it’s pretty much what we were all expecting, I think. I’m definitely excited to jump into the single-player campaign next!

Are you enjoying Battlefield 1 so far, or did you expect a completely different experience? Let me know below! 

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