Battlefront 2 gets cosmetic microtransactions April 18th

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“It’s an amazing brand that’s been built over many, many years, and so if you did a bunch of cosmetic things, you might start to violate the canon, right?”

After massive backlash, getting the most down-voted comment in Reddit history, and completely redesigning the core foundations of an already released game, Electronic Arts has decided to add cosmetic microtransactions to Battlefront 2.

The new cosmetic-only microtransactions can be bought with either a premium currency (Crystals) or Credits earned in-game. I can’t imagine we’ll be seeing any “Darth Vaders in pink” tossed into the mix, but we are getting a plethora of customization options for both the hero classes and base classes. It seems that most of the customization will be focused around the base classes with only a few hero variants so far.

The new hero skins are:

  • Wounded Chewbacca, with Arm Patch
  • Scarred Kylo Ren, Patch over Scar
  • Administrator Lando, Bespin
  • Commander Iden, no Helmet
  • Hooded Yoda, pulled up Hood
  • Endor Leia
  • Endor Han
  • Ahch-To Rey

And for troopers, there will be over 40 new options including but not limited to:

  • New Officer appearances (both First Order and Empire)
  • Heavy Quarren (rebels)
  • Twi’lek Specialist (rebels)
  • Heavy Zabrak (Resistance)
  • Duros Officer (Resistance)

At the same time this update drops, there will be a limited-time game mode to take part in called Ewok Hunt. This will basically be a last-player standing mode where one player starts as a teddy bear Ewok and everyone else starts as a Stormtrooper. From there, every Stormtrooper that dies will respawn as an Ewok until there’s only one left. These limited-time game modes will become a regular occurrence moving forward.

Read more about what’s upcoming for Battlefront 2 in the latest Community Transmission.

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