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zotac gtx 1060 amp edition

With how crazy the prices on mid range graphics cards have been, it’s nice to see some of them coming back down to “regular” prices – especially the 6GB GTX 1060 which can readily be found to buy for under $300. In this roundup, I’m going to show you the various 6GB GTX 1060 that you can buy now for what I would call a proper price.

Keep in mind that this list is not ranked in any way, this list just contains some good options and the info you need to know so you can avoid wasting your hard earned money. For instance, you may be interested in the best RTX 2070 super for your build. I’m not going to include individual performance specs for these cards as they all offer roughly the same performance give or take a couple of frames per second – 60fps on very high-ultra settings in a AAA game is definitely within reach with a 6GB 1060.

MSI GTX 1060 Gaming 6G

msi gtx 1060 gaming 6g

MSI’s graphics cards are consistently some of the highest ranked cards and their GTX 1060 Gaming 6G is one of those high-ranked cards. It offers amazing cooling, great overclocking potential and awesome looking aesthetics, but it’s also one of the biggest GTX 1060s and it won’t fit in smaller cases.

  • 6GB VRAM
  • 1594MHz base clock/1809MHz boost clock
  • 1x Dual-link DVI-I, 3x DisplayPort (version 1.4), 1x HDMI (2.0b)
  • 13.6 x 10.6 x 3.3 in


CurrentlyAt Amazon


Zotac GTX 1060 Mini

6gb zotac gtx 1060 mini

Zotac’s GTX 1060 mini is a great single fan GPU that’ll fit inside practically any case out there. It’s awesome for portable PC builds or just small form factor builds running micro ATX or even mini ITX cases. You might think that it would suffer in the cooling dept from only having a single fan, but this little card actually cools quite well and thermals are definitely not something you’ll be worrying about anytime soon.

  • 6GB VRAM
  • 1506MHz base clock/1708MHz boost clock
  • 1 x Dual-link DVI, 3 x DisplayPort (version 1.4), 1 x HDMI (2.0b)
  • 4.5 x 6 x 2 in


$289.99 USD
At Newegg



6gb evga gtx 1060 ssc

EVGA almost always makes great graphics cards and their 6GB SSC is definitely no exception. It’s always been one of the more expensive GTX 1060 options and $289 isn’t far off from it’s original sticker price.

  • 6GB VRAM
  • 1607MHz base clock/1835MHz boost clock
  • 1x Dual-link DVI-I, 3x DisplayPort (version 1.4), 1x HDMI (2.0b)
  • 10.5 x 4.4 x 1.5 in


$289.99 USD
At Newegg


6gb evga gtx 1060 sc

Another EVGA addition to this list is their compact SC model. Like Zotac’s Mini, EVGA’s ACX only has a single fan but it definitely does not suffer from thermal issues. For a small form factor build, like the best low profile graphics card options, the 1060 ACX is an awesome choice, especially at the price it’s currently selling for!

  • 6GB VRAM
  • 1607MHz base clock/1835MHz boost clock
  • 1x Dual-link DVI-I, 3x DisplayPort (version 1.4), 1x HDMI (2.0b)
  • 6.8 x 4.4 x 1.5 in


$264.99 USD
At Newegg



As you can see, options are very limited when it comes to finding a 6GB GTX 1060 for less than $300. Right now there are only 4 options on the list, and I can’t guarantee that they’ll be available for the same price forever. That being said, I’ll do my best to keep this list current by adding/removing cards as the prices and availability fluctuates.

Like usual, if you have any questions about anything written here, or if you just want to say “hey”, feel free to do so in the comment section below!

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