Best Price VS Performance SSD on the market?

Written by Lucas

Last updated Jul 12, 2023

The T-FORCE Cardea Zero Z330 is a fairly cheap 3ed gen PCIe m.2 SSD that comes in 4 different storge sizes, 512 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB. Ranging from $55 USD for the low storage capacity to $480 for the high storage capacity this is one of the more affordable SSDs on the market. The SSD has a T-FORCE patented graphene copper foil cooling module which makes it ultra-thin while not having a tendency to heat up. This makes it useable in gaming laptop and low-high end gaming PCs. The T-FORCE CARDEA ZERO-Z330 M.2 SSD supports S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), TRIM command, LDPC ECC (Error-correcting code), E2E Data Protection, Global Wear Leveling, etc. They are able to improve data operation efficiency and security and prolong the service life of the solid-state drive. 

Maono Mic


Below are the benchmarks from T-FORCE’s website compared against a SATA III SSD. Below that are the benchmarks that I ran. 

T-FORCE Benchmarks 

T Force BenchMark

My Benchmarks

My Benchmark new ssd

Overall, the benchmarks are very similar. The read speed is, to put it simply, the speed at which the SSD reads the information coming from the computer, and the write speed is the speed at which the SSD stores that information. The read speed for this SSD was around 2,100 MB/s which is the exact same compared to T-FORCE’s benchmarks. The write speed between the two benchmarks was around 1,650 MB/s. My benchmarks would have been slightly lower because I was running an OS on it, so it wouldn’t have benchmarked its full potential.  

Compared to other SSDs, this SSD is a great deal! The typical read/write speed for an SSD is around 500-600 MB/s, and this SSD is incredibly higher. The 1 TB SSD is only $99 USD which compared to the 512GB Samsung 870 EVO SSD (which is the SSD in our $1200 build) is a better option. 

Samsung 870 EVO SSD Benchmark (SSD in PCGH $1200 PC build) 

Samsung 870 EVO benchmarks

As you see from the benchmark above, the T-FORCE Cardea Zero Z330 absolutely destroys the Samsung 870 EVO in speed! For around the same price, the T-FORCE Cardea Zero Z330 would be the better deal and it will be an option in the $1200 PC build.  With the T-FORCE Cardea Zero Z330 SSD you should be able to do almost anything on it from gaming to work! A good read/write SSD speed for gaming is around 550 MB/s, so with this SSD you will be able to obtain a great gaming experience! 

Huge thanks to TEAMGROUP for sending me this SSD to review!  

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