Bjorn Blue, Glasses Review (Yeah, It Rhymes)

Written by Branton

Last updated Sep 28, 2020

Disclaimer – we were given a pair of glasses for free for us to review, but we had creative freedom to write an honest review, so all of these thoughts are truly my own. We had one contributor, Colin write this article.

On a typical day, I’m in front of some type of screen 14 hours per day. Whether that’s because I’m working, gaming, watching Netflix, or just chatting I’m glued to it. By the end of day my eyes are exhausted, my brain fried, and if I played some games there is a decent chance I have a headache. Fortunately, this all got a lot better when I started to use Bjorn Blue Glasses.

To be honest, the Bjorn Blue team came to us to see if we would feature their product, their aviator gaming glasses. Being interested in testing out a pair of blue-light blocking glasses, I jumped on the opportunity and told Branton I’d be happy to write a review for a pair, especially after they mentioned:  bjorn gaming glasses photo

“Bjorn Blue’s blue light lenses are designed to filter out the complete harmful blue light spectrum, which causes digital eye strain. At 380 to 435 nm, blue light is at its most dangerous to the eye. Bjorn Blue blocks out 100% of dangerous blue light in the 380 to 435 nm range up to 550nm.

Bjorn Blue blue light glasses are designed for day and night use as they include extra eye protection with a complimentary anti reflective and UV coating. These coatings protect your eyes from reflections and from UV damage to the eye from sunlight. Harmful UV light can damage the cornea and cells in the back of the eye. We ensure the best protection as our lenses are UV 400 compliant.”

Specifically, their gaming glasses:

” use an extra yellow LLR filter to not only protect your eyes from blue light but also help you see colours more vividly and clearly and reduce visual distraction and eye fatigue during long gaming sessions”

Receiving The Package

The first thing I noticed on receiving the package was some nice packaging details. I could have sworn I took pictures of itbut failed to find it in my phone so you’ll have to take my word for it. You’ll also notice the package is scented – some floral perfume seems to have been used. While it wasn’t necessarily to my taste (and seems more on the feminine side), I appreciated the detail. It was obvious to me the brand cared about how they wanted to be perceived and wanted to deliver a great customer experience. So far, so good.

Upon opening the package you’ll see a sleek, stylish black case. While it looks good, for some reason the case has “moon” on it, in it, and even the glasses handkerchief thingy ma-bob has the words “moon”. I have no idea why, or what that means and it leads me to wonder if they are just white labeling the product or not. It’s not a big deal, just a bit odd.

Putting Them On

colin wearing glasses

Me wearing glasses. Not very flattering

After trying them on I noticed how light they are. I don’t wear glasses or contacts, and didn’t mind the weight of the glasses – after a few minutes you kind of forget about it. Theglasses do alter the color that you see in – adding a slight grey-yellow tinge to the world which doesn’t bother me at all, personally. However, I’m honestly not a huge fan of the look though I’m not really used to wearing glasses. Also, it might just be an issue of face shape compared to the aviator glasses. Honestly, I don’t really care too much about how I look while gaming (nobody is seeing me), but it might be a factor consider for those who stream or do more LAN parties. Despite this, after putting them on I was excited to try them at length.

Issues/Difficulties I face from Excessive Computer Use

Most of my problems come after excessive use of the computer or from just a few hours of gaming. It can be hard for me to reproduce the fatigue I felt after excessive use (for a few reasons), so the ultimate test for me was to wear them every time I was playing League of Legends (LoL, my PC game of choice. 

I’ll often play LoL for hours on end, chatting it up with buddies as we grind it out on the battlefield. A lot of the time my eyes will tire and I’ll get a mild headache – no sharp pains, but blunt and annoying enough to make it difficult to do work after. I sometimes take precautions to prevent this – make sure I take a short break between games, close my eyes for a few seconds several times a game, and more, but I forget more than I remember. However, after using the glasses for about 6 weeks now I can say with confidence I don’t get the headaches anymore. Playing video games no longer causes me self-inflicted pain and it feels damn good. Whoops, there goes my productivity.

Speaking of productivity, I also often experience eye fatigue after working on my laptop 10-12 hours a day. This is not as consistent as my headaches and it’s definitely more subtle and less of an issue, but an issue nonetheless. Admittedly, I rarely remembered to put on the Bjorn glasses on while working so I’ll need to test this further – to be fair (selfishly, to me) they are gaming glasses so my brain doesn’t actively make that connection to wear them to work. I’ll update this article if I can remember to wear them while I work more consistently.

So Do I Recommend Them?

Overall, Bjorn Blue Glasses really work. I was skeptical – after all, how could glasses really help my headaches? I could finally play LoL for several hours at a time with little to no risk of headaches which was a major improvement. Sure, I might still get a little warm and flushed but it’s still a significant improvement from the dull headaches I could experience after gaming for a few hours. I’ve never used similar products before so I can’t say this compares, but I would highly recommend these for anyone who experiences headaches or eye fatigue while gaming.


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