Bohemia officially allows you to monetize your DayZ server

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Just like it was done for Arma III, Bohemia Interactive has given the go-ahead for server owners to monetize their DayZ servers by charging players for access or items – opening the doors for subscription-based servers and microtransactions… But only for items that don’t impact gameplay.


Not just anything can be sold, and there are some pretty heavy limitations on what is approved “for sale” by Bohemia. The list basically sums to cosmetic items (hats, etc…), product placement, reserved slots, and those kinds of things. So don’t expect to pay $5 for a pristine AK and a bunch of ammo, because items like food, weapons, can’t be sold.

According to Bohemia’s Server Monetization FAQ, servers will have to submit an application before being allowed to sell anything. With that said, donations are still allowed, as they have been all along – but as soon as your donator receives some kind of “perk”, Bohemia then considers that a sale.

Like the Arma 3 server monetization test, this is also a test for DayZ and the option to offer paid items will only be open until May 31st, 2016. Bohemia is letting the server take home all of the cake, and has refused to take any commission from items sold, which could always change if this plan goes into full-effect.

You can check out which servers have been accepted into the new Dayz monetization program here, but as of right now there is only 1 server on the list, opposed to the lengthy Arma 3 list.

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