Borderlands gets review bombed – Steam flags as “off-topic”

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borderlands 2 review bomb

Steam’s new “off-topic review bomb” filter has been used for the first time – and it’s for every Borderlands game to date; that’s 1, 2, and the Pre-Sequel. To say I don’t agree with the usage would be a lie – I agree 100% and we’ll get into why in just a minute.

First, some backstory on what lead up to these reactions.

Earlier this week Borderlands 3 was announced, including release dates. It was also announced that it’ll be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC for the first 6 months post-release. Meaning, it won’t hit Steam until around April 2020.

This caused gamers everywhere to take to the digital streets in a digital riot wherever they felt their digital voices could be heard. Including review bombing every single Borderlands release on Steam…

Now, for transparency purposes, I’m going to go ahead and mention that I don’t really support exclusives. I can see why a company would want to do it, but I don’t necessarily agree with the practice.

With that said…

Wow, what a GREAT way to convince 2K/Gearbox that they should use Steam… The logic being used here is absolutely astounding… You want a game to be on Steam, so you’re going to review bomb every other game in the series on Steam itself… To what end? What’s the goal here? Force 2K/Gearbox into putting Borderlands 3 on Steam (at release) by making their other games look bad on that very same platform? Makes perfect sense… I can tell that an insurmountable degree of thought went into this “plan”.

Basically, the logical thought process here is, “make them suffer, but gimme mah games!” Doesn’t make much sense. Also seems like a somewhat entitled way to think. That is, assuming the people review bombing actually wanted to play Borderlands 3 and they’re not just hopping on the “outrage bandwagon” for the sake of it.

The phrase, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” comes to mind regarding this situation. If you haven’t heard that phrase before, it basically means “don’t eliminate something good while trying to get rid of something bad”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for expressing opinions in a civilized manner – take this colorful piece I’ve written for your entertainment as an example of that. However, the style of review bombing we’ve seen with Borderlands isn’t civilized, not even close. It’s actually fairly petty and quite childish. That’s why I agree with the “off-topic” filter being used here – none of the “review bombs” were even about ANY of the games they were “bombing”. Ergo, they’re off-topic and should be flagged as such; nothing more, nothing less.

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