Post Build Troubleshooting Steps

Post-Build Troubleshooting Steps

Sometimes your build won’t go exactly as planned. It might not turn on, or it might turn on but you won’t get a video signal. Whatever the issue is, the steps found in this quick troubleshooting guide should help to get you up and running.

  1. Reread the motherboard owner’s manual.
  2. Double check that you’ve plugged in your front panel connections properly.
  3. Make sure that the CPU power connector is plugged in. It’s often referred to as “12v ATX” in the manual
    – The header is usually located close to the CPU in the top left corner of your motherboard
    – Some power supplies will have an 8-pin that can be split in half to create 2 separate 4-pin connections
    This is one of the most common “first build” mistakes
  4. There’s generally a plastic guard covering the CPU socket, did you remove it?
    – Also a very common “first build” mistake
  5. Did you install the CPU correctly?
    – There will be a notch on the socket and an arrow on the CPU which must line up
  6. Are there any bent pins on the CPU?
  7. Is the CPU cooler plugged in?
    – A lot of mobos won’t boot as a failsafe if the CPU cooler isn’t plugged in
  8. Was the CPU fully locked down?
    – If the CPU isn’t fully seated, your PC will not POST
  9. Double check that all other required power connections are made
    – Carefully go through the motherboard owners manual and check for any connections you might have missed
  10. Make sure your RAM is fully seated
    – Will require a bit more pressure than you would expect
  11. Is the RAM installed in the correct ports?
    – Some motherboards will require a specific order, refer to the owners manual for this.
  12. Try booting with just a single stick of RAM installed, but try each stick you have
    – If your PC boots with just a single stick, one of your other sticks needs to be replaced
  13. Are the case standoffs aligned properly with the motherboard?
    – Improperly placed standoffs can cause a short
    – Most cases will come with these preinstalled
  14. If everything is turning on but you’re not getting a display, is your graphics card fully powered?
    – Some might require 1 connection, some might require none or multiple
  15. Is your graphics card fully seated?
    – Like RAM, it will take more pressure than you would assume
  16. Is your monitor plugged into your graphics card and not your motherboards I/O panel?
    – If your CPU does not have integrated graphics, you won’t get picture from the I/O display port

If you’ve purchased one of the builds found on PC Game Haven and you’ve gone through this entire troubleshooting list but still cannot get your PC to POST, then you’re encouraged to message me directly through this contact form. From there I will try to provide further assistance as best as I can.