Fallout 4 – Power Armor Location Map

Updated: September 8th, 2020By: BrantonGaming & News, Misc4 Comments

power armor location map

Having trouble finding those new suits of power armor in Fallout 4? Desperately want/need that awesome looking set of X-01 or a T51? Or do you just need some more frames, and you don’t want to dish out thousands of caps for each one? Then this power armor location map … Read More

Fallout 4 – Full Dialogue Interface Mod

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fallout 4 dialogue mod

One of the biggest complaints that has remained consistent since the launch of Fallout 4¬†is how the dialogue system functions, or doesn’t. The vanilla Fallout 4 dialogue system only gives us a brief Yes/No/Maybe/Sarcastic outline¬†and generally doesn’t go much deeper than that. To some, myself included, this was pretty annoying … Read More