Black/Gray screen when booting Final Fantasy XV? Try this!

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Trying to play Final Fantasy XV but you can’t get into the game due to a gray or black screen when trying to launch it? Don’t fret! The fix is super easy and will only takeĀ a few minutes at most, hopefully. Fixing this bug requires editing the GraphicsConfig.ini file found … Read More

PUBG vs Fortnite – Which is better?

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PUBG vs Fortnite. The spark of many an argument, everywhere. Whether you’re looking on Steam, in website comment sections, on social media, or practically anywhere else, the topic of “is PUBG or Fortnite better?” is constantly being talked about. Well, argued over. Since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released into early access in … Read More

Kingdom Come: Deliverance [Pre-1.3] – Review

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After sinking roughly 90 hours into Kingdom Come: Deliverance, it’s time for a review of its pros and cons. Is it really the Skyrim-killing RPG that we were all promised, or does it fall short of its hype and fail to live up to expectations? Let’s take a look. This … Read More

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – About the ending

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After sinking nearly 90 hours into Kingdom Come: Deliverance and finally reaching the end and completing the majority of the side quests, I was left with more questions than answers. The ending felt more like something you could expect from 2-part episode of your favorite TV show instead of the … Read More

Tired of the reticle in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Try one of these

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If you’ve been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance lately then you’ve probably become tired of the rather intrusive and immersion breaking yellow orb that’s constantly everywhere you look. I know I’ve become tired of it, so to fix it I’ve found a few really great mods offering some different choices to … Read More

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – No sound? Try this

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If you’re having troubles with no voices, a “fishbowl” effect, or no sound altogether while playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, try this quick and easy fix. It might work or it might not, the only way to know for sure is to give it a shot. It’s worth noting that this … Read More