What is a mechanical keyboard?

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 Have you heard the term mechanical keyboards tossed around but haven’t taken the time to really understand what they are and why they’re different than a regular keyboard? In this post, you’ll learn various reasons why you just might benefit from switching to a mechanical keyboard, what sets them apart … Read More

TN vs IPS vs VA monitors – What’s the best?

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tn vs ips vs va monitor for gaming

Beyond resolution and size, picking a monitor is easily one of the most overlooked steps in putting together a good setup for gaming. It should go without saying that when you’re gaming it pays to have the best monitor for the job. To do that you not only want the … Read More

When should you upgrade an old gaming computer?

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Upgrading hardware is a normal part of owning a gaming computer, but knowing when to do that can be challenging. New hardware releases all the time, but you might not have to upgrade every time something newer comes out. A GTX 780 might not need an upgrade quite yet, but … Read More

SSD vs HDD – What’s the difference?

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ssd vs hdd

If you’re stuck trying to figure out exactly what the difference is between an SSD vs HDD, you’re going to want to read this article. In it, I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know to make an informed decision for your next storage upgrade. Solid State … Read More

How to stream on Twitch – A Beginners Guide

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If you want to learn exactly how to stream on Twitch using OBS, I’ve got the perfect guide for you. Within this formidable essay, you’ll learn exactly how to launch a new stream from start-to-finish using OBS and a single computer. While poking around the interwebs, you’ve probably heard of … Read More