How to Clone a Hard drive

Do you want to make a replica of your hard drive but aren't sure how to do it? If you're thinking of making a backup of all your files, keep in mind that Backup is not the same as disc cloning. Disk cloning is a technique that copies your settings, data, and the...

hdd internals

Anti-Aliasing: The Gamer’s Guide

A true gamer knows that their gameplay can only be as good as their screen allows and whether this means choosing the right monitor or adjusting the settings to the perfect level, it's worth the effort. Anti-aliasing is a common setting found in most games, and if...

Guide on Anti-Aliasing

We Rate the DXRacer Gaming Chairs Series

A good gamer takes their chair seriously and understands the importance of choosing a base that is supportive, stylish, and suitable to their needs. DX Racer is a premium manufacturer of gaming chairs and a favorite among many of us, but does their range deserve...

DXRacer Gaming Chairs Series

Best Video Game Villains

It is no doubt that video games have become an essential part of the current popular culture. Unlike films, however, these games have had a deeper connection with people. For most millennials and Gen-Z, video games are something they grew up with. Therefore, it is...

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Ultimate List Of Streaming Equipment

Streaming has become one of the best ways to build and sustain an audience nowadays. If you do something that the world loves to watch, you can start a part-time or full-time career in streaming. It does not have to be gaming all the time. As you know, thousands of...

List Of Streaming Equipment

Ultimate Guide To GPU Scaling

You would have heard about GPU Scaling to improve the graphical performance of games on a PC. If used appropriately, GPU scaling can improve the overall gaming experience, especially if you are into older, indie video games. However, before you follow a tutorial on...

GPU Scaling Tips And Tricks