Conan Exiles to leave Early Access on May 8th!

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For a brief moment in time, practically every other game that released was a multiplayer survival sim with crafting and/or base building. The vast majority were released as Early Access in various stages of development. Conan Exiles was one of the very last to hit Early Access right before PUBG dropped and pulled everyone’s attention to the Battle Royal genre. Since then, there haven’t been many Early Access survival sims released.

Conan Exiles is both developed and published by Funcom and so far has a mixed rating on Steam with only 64% being positive at the time of writing. If you know the survival sim genre, then you basically know what to expect from Exiles. Add some expectations from the Conan universe, like NPC slaves workers and fighters, sacrifices resulting in you taking control of massive “Gods”, and things of that nature, and you pretty much have Exiles.

Here’s what the launch update will add:

  • New combat system
  • New biomes (Volcano and Swamp)
  • New PvE events
  • Revamped attribute system
  • Perks
  • More gear
  • Farming
  • A fast travel system
  • Lots of content rebalances

In a recent update on Steam regarding the launch update, the community manager for Conan Exiles summarized the launch update by saying “The game world is increasing in size, new features and systems are being introduced, hundreds of new items are being added and there is an all new and brutal combat system for you to enjoy!” They went on to reiterate by saying “In short, when the game launches it will be much bigger, much better and much deeper.”

Admittedly, I bought Conan Exiles just a few days after launch but only put a few hours into it. Not necessarily because it was a bad game, but because the whole survival genre was kind of played out and was quickly becoming tiresome around that same time. That being said, after taking a year off I’m actually pretty interested in checking Conan Exiles out again, once it launches.

Between Exiles, The Forest, Rust, and any others I might have missed, it seems that 2018 is the year when Early Access survival sims are finally getting their 1.0 updates.

Conan Exiles is finally getting it’s 1.0 update on May 8th which will include everything listed above and more.

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