Dark Souls 3 set for April 2016 release

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If you’ve been waiting for word on Dark Souls 3, you’re in luck because Bandai Namco confirmed a release date for April 12, 2016 across all platforms including PC. However, if you live in Japan you’ll get your copy a couple of weeks earlier on March 24th.

Prices and editions were also confirmed, and there are going to be a few retailer exclusives as well as a Day-one Edition, and of course, you can’t forget the Collector’s Edition. The Day-one pack comes with a few bonuses like a starter guide, soundtrack and exclusive packing and it will retail for $59.99. The Collector’s Edition comes with everything the day-one pack does, plus 10-inch Red Knight statue, a map, a special box and some other goodies, the Collector’s Edition will retail for $119.99.

Below you can check out some new gameplay released by the dev studio From Software in anticipation of the 2015 PSX event this weekend (December 5-6) in San Francisco.

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