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With PC components being so darn expensive, it only makes sense for us to wait for big sales, like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, to save as much cash as we can. But, that doesn’t mean we always have to wait until the actual day to take advantage of the sales!

This is just going to be a short post outlining some of my thoughts and what I know about the holiday sales including Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

A lot of online retailers (like Amazon starting November 14th) are having pre-Black Friday sales where you can cash in on deals almost as good as we’ll see on the day itself! If not better in some cases! As we all know, some items will be increased in price prior to being put on sale this – or any – holiday season, so, waiting to buy something might see you paying the same as you would right now.

It’s a hard decision to make without a doubt! But, I wouldn’t hold off too long before making your decision to pull the trigger on a build! On one hand, you might save a few bucks by waiting another couple of weeks, but you might also find yourself spending the exact same amount as you would right now! For instance, since the start of October or so, the cost of RAM has increased by roughly 50%, which is absolutely insane, but it’s due to the increased volume of sales during this time of year and it won’t be the only component to see similar increases in cost.

The items being put on sale, and by how much they’re reduced, is completely random based on who knows what metrics, it’s almost impossible for me to guess what’s going to be cheaper during the holiday season. Last year, we saw big markups on various items before they were put on sale to be reduced back down to basically the cost prior to the sale… So, like I said, weigh your decision heavily before you decide to wait for another couple of weeks!

I’ll be putting together some itemized lists showcasing some of the best deals that I can find during the holiday season this year, so definitely check back later!



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