Does a Gaming Router Really Improve Your Gaming Experience?

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Last updated Feb 10, 2022

There was a time when gaming was not taken seriously. But nowadays, gaming has widened its scope and size, and it has become popular among everyone. With the help of your normal router, you won’t get a strong connection for gaming. Therefore, it’s important to have a gaming router for superior internet connection, minimum data loss, best performance, and many more features.

Gaming routers are specifically designed to provide high-speed internet for gaming purposes. We all need a router that can handle data and give you the best performance internet speed for gaming. With the help of a gaming router, you can easily connect your gaming device and even the other devices of your household.

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Why is a gaming router important?

If you’re thinking about why gaming routers are important, maybe you’re not aware of the amazing features of gaming routers. The foremost reason for buying a gaming router is its speed and features. Most of the time, people have the misconception that other routers can provide you the same internet speed as gaming routers; that’s not true. The following are the features of a good gaming router:- 


  • High bandwidth range:- A normal router can’t meet the internet speed of gaming devices; therefore, you need a gaming router with a high bandwidth range that fulfills the requirement of high internet speed. The dual or triple band of gaming routers allows you to have a high-speed data connection, and you can even transfer large files from one device to another. The high bandwidth range of the gaming router ensures that you get a high-speed connection to play games from every corner of your household. 

  • Quality of service (QoS):- most of the gaming routers have the feature of quality of service. This feature allows the users to prioritize the internet speed of some devices over others. You can prioritize your gaming devices and get a high-performance data connection without any worry of data loss or buffering. This modern feature of gaming routers attracts all the users and ensures that you can easily enjoy gaming without any interruption. 

  • Easy to use and good interface:– most of the customers like those gaming routers which have a good interface. It ensures that you can easily connect your devices without any interruption. The best gaming router interface also allows you to view network traffic, manage QoS, and other features. You can easily manage and control the wifi setting and always enjoy an undisturbed connection.

  • Dual or tri-band:- most gaming routers have a dual-band of 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz that ensures you get a high-quality internet connection throughout the house. These dual bands provide an internet connection up to Gbps and eliminate all the dead zones from your household. It ensures that the internet connection is transmitted in every corner of your household and also ensures connecting various devices simultaneously. In addition to gaming, you can also enjoy streaming, video conferencing, and other activities without any worry of data loss. 

  • Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11ac:- if you prefer wireless gaming, the gigabit ethernet of gaming routers allow you to convert your wired gaming device into a wireless device. You can easily enjoy gaming at a faster speed, and it also allows you to move your gaming device. The 802.11ac standard helps you to optimize your connection and removes all the constraints of data loss and other issues.

Benefits of a gaming router

  • Good responsiveness and superior internet connection:– the gaming routers have the features of good responsiveness that ensure faster speed, and your devices respond quickly. It can handle more data, which means every member of your family can easily enjoy streaming at once. With large volume traffic, gaming routers also minimize disturbance and eliminate all the issues of buffering and data loss. 

  • Feature of prioritizing internet traffic:- Most gaming routers have the feature of quality of service (QoS), which allows users to prioritize one device over other devices. When you require a stable connection for your gaming device, you can easily prioritize your preferences and enjoy your gaming. The dual or tri-band feature also ensures that you can easily get a high-speed internet connection in every corner of your house while connecting multiple devices at once. 

  • Best audio and graphics:- almost every gaming router has a good interface that allows for cleaning up your streaming connection which ensures minimal audio and video distortion. You can easily manage and control your wifi setting, and with the QoS feature, traffic management is easy to implement. 

  • Connecting multiple devices simultaneously:- if you think you can’t connect other devices to the gaming router, you’re wrong. You can easily enjoy gaming, transferring files, streaming, video calls, working online, and many other activities simultaneously. Gaming routers allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time with any issue of data loss or buffering. 

  • Improved wifi range:- most of the gaming wifi router ensures a wider range in your household. You can connect devices from any corner of your house and enjoy endless gaming, streaming, and other activities. 

  • Hardware performance and superior components:- the gaming routers are made with the latest technology and design, and it allows them to give high-performance internet connection. Many gaming routers even have extra antennas, so it gets optimized internet speed and makes your gaming experience remarkable.

Tips for optimizing gaming router

Check out this helpful video on How to Optimize Router Settings for Gaming

  • Use ethernet cable:- many gamers still prefer a wired connection; therefore, with the help of an ethernet cable, you can easily connect your gaming device to the wifi connection. It provides you with a stable and consistent speed with less latency. Many gaming routers provide gigabit ethernet with a speed of more than 1000 Mbps, and with the help of an ethernet cable, you can easily extend your network connection. 

  • Reposition your wifi router:- many times,it happens that if anyone faces a network issue, they believe that there’s some issue with the gaming router that’s not true. Before coming to any conclusion, try to reposition your router. You can even place your router in an open place, so it can easily catch connections. It would be best if you also tried to reposition your antenna. It also helps you to get a high-speed internet connection without any issues.  

  • Use quality of service features or turn off other devices:- many times, it happens that when you connect multiple devices, you get a connection that’s a bit lower. In these cases, you can easily use the quality of service feature to prioritize connection for your gaming device. You can also turn off other devices while playing games and enjoy interrupted data connections. 

  • MU-MIMO feature:- most of the gaming routers are made up of the latest technology and have features like MU-MIMO. It allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Many times it happens that different members of the household want to use the wifi connection simultaneously. In these situations, you can easily enable the MU-MIMO feature of your gaming router, and it provides an uninterrupted connection to all the devices without any issue. 

Factors to consider while purchasing a gaming router

  • Speed:- speed is the foremost factor in a gaming router. Whether you’re playing games from a laptop, mobile phone, or gaming device, without a high-speed internet connection, you get an interruption. Therefore, considering the speed of the gaming router is essential. 

  • Wireless standard:- 802.11ac standard is the latest model in the market. Most gaming router is designed with the same standard, and it ensures minimal or no data loss while gaming. Therefore, consider the wireless standard of different gaming routers before selecting the best one for your use. 

  • Network latency:- the less network latency ensures high-speed. Therefore, most gamers prefer those routers which have a latency range from 20 to 30 milliseconds. If the network latency of the router is more than 150 milliseconds means that you can’t enjoy gaming or other activities. 

  • Multiple bands:- we know that most of the gaming routers have dual or tri-band. Multiple bands ensure transmission of data to a wider range, and you can also connect multiple devices simultaneously. Therefore, consider the bands of the router before selecting the best one for your house. 

  • Gigabit ethernet:- most gamers still prefer a wired connection, and gigabit ethernet allows you to connect your wired device to the router. You can also use an ethernet cable to extend the range of your wired gaming device and enjoy interrupted gaming without any issue. It also ensures the stability and performance of your connection and provides you with an excellent experience. 

  • RAM speed and processor capacity:- most modern gaming routers have features like QoS, so if the RAM and processor are higher, it also provides better QoS. in addition to this, RAM speed also helps in high-quality data transmission in every corner of your household. So, consider the RAM speed and processor capacity of different gaming routers, and choose the best one for your house.

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