Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 – WTF Namco?

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Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 launched yesterday, and it’s actually turning out to be an alright grind fest for costumes, much better than the first Xenoverse so far. But, the good aside, something really shady happened shortly after Xenoverse 2 launched, and I’d like to mention that here.


Usually, it’s pretty uncommon for a dev to list how long they will support a game with updates & support post-launch, but Namco did with Xenoverse 2 by originally stating that they would offer “Free updates and post launch support for more than a year” (you can see that cached page here). Shortly after the NA launch of Xenoverse 2, that was changed to “Post launch support for over 6 months” (updated steam page). I mean, they even dropped the “free” part in the updated version, does that mean they’re going to now release whatever planned updates they had as DLC instead, on top of whatever DLC they already had planned? Maybe you’ll have to pay extra for support if you need it? Who knows.

I’ll also post a couple of screenshots below just in case.

I don’t know exactly how everyone here feels about this, but it’s something that really doesn’t sit well with me. In my opinion, this is a fine example of very shady business practices almost on par with some of the other gaming “scandals” we’ve seen this year. To a lot of people this probably won’t be a huge issue, but what puts me off is the fact that they made an effort to tell us 1 year of updates & support and as soon as the game was in people’s hands… those 12 months turned into 6 months and fast.

This doesn’t necessarily change my feelings on DBX 2 as a game, because the actual gameplay is very solid when compared to the original Xenoverse, the graphics have also been improved significantly. How the servers were handled seems to have improved a lot as well, and there weren’t any major issues like during the release of the first DBX (there were major server issues that took a long time to fix if you’re unsure). Again, it’s basically one big grind fest for costumes and moves, but it’s a fun grind fest if nothing else.

All-in-all, Namco changing the length of support post-launch is really shady and it definitely does not sit well with me, but, DBX2 is still a great game regardless. Do you have an opinion on how Namco handled this? Would you like to see some kind of official release as to why it happened? Let me know below!

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