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A good gamer takes their chair seriously and understands the importance of choosing a base that is supportive, stylish, and suitable to their needs.

DX Racer is a premium manufacturer of gaming chairs and a favorite among many of us, but does their range deserve all the hype?

Are DXRacer gaming chairs any good?

The range of gaming chairs from DXRacer has a reputation for being mid-range, comfortable, and colorfully designed. The brand has developed many series of chairs, each with something unique, so all types of gamers can find one that suits their style.

The DXRacer name is always at the forefront when discussing gaming chair brands, and this review is going to look at why.

We’ve considered all aspects from price to armrests, so you’ll know whether or not they’re a worthy addition to your gaming setup.

The DXRacer Brand and Reputation

About dxracer brand

The DXRacer brand was born from another company that was developed in 2001, AKRacing or AK Seat, which designed and manufactured race car seats.

In 2008, they decided to make the move into premium gaming chairs, thanks to their similarities, and have been a popular staple in this market ever since.

One of the reasons for DXRacer’s success is the fact that they design, develop, test, and oversee quality control of everything they make, as well as manufacturing it. They’re responsible for the entire process from start to finish and for this reason, the quality is always outstanding.

Today, the DXRacer range includes several series and special edition chairs, and they’re always releasing new lines.

The brand has remained a favorite among gamers and is considered a mid to high range in price, so if you’re after a luxury seat while you play, they’re sure to have something you like.

The Range of DXRacer Gaming Chairs

DXRacer has been making gaming chairs for more than 13 years now, and in that time, they’ve had many different series released.

Currently, they have six different series, and a special edition range, each with something unique to give to gamers.

G Series

g series

The most popular chairs from DXRacer come from the G Series range, and they’re mid-priced but with all of the necessary features. The seat cushion is removable and it’s got cushioned support in the most important areas, which makes it a fan favorite.

K Series

If you like your gaming chair to be wider than most, the K Series from DXRacer will be your style. These are all designed with a wide seat and larger backrest so you have more room to stretch out, but be prepared to pay a higher price for it.

P Series

The P Series from DXRacer is their most budget-friendly option and not surprisingly, the most basic. It still comes with the racing design that the brand is known for but it lacks a little in other areas like padding.

Formula and Racing Series

formula series

These are pretty standard gaming chairs with a cool racing twist and one of the mid-range price options from DXRacer at just a few hundred dollars. They feature PVC leather, mesh, and ergonomic options to ensure it’s fitted to your exact physical needs.

Tank Series

The Tank series of gaming chairs are made for big guys, and everything in their design is dedicated to that goal. They have added weight capacity, heaps of cushioning, and larger dimensions than most, so if you find regular gaming chairs a little puny, the Tank series is the way to go.


Just as the name suggests, the Master series from DX is their top-of-the-line offering. These chairs look like they’d fit into an executive office just as well as they would a gaming den, and include features like head pillows and microfiber leather covering.

Special Edition

PinkPawPrint Special edition

There are two special edition chairs available at the moment with the Pink Paw Print and Playstation options. These are among some of the more vibrant chairs from DXRacer with their standout designs being their main selling point, and they’re surprisingly affordable compared to the rest of the range.

How the DXRacer Series Rates in Each Category

The true sign of a gaming chair’s quality is by looking at each of its elements to see how they compare to the competition.

Although DXRacer has a massive selection of chairs to choose from, they stay fairly true to the features in each of these designs, so here’s what you can expect from the brand.


DXRacer has stayed true to their race car roots and all of their chairs feel comfortable and luxurious to sit on.

The various ergonomic features that help you keep yourself in the healthiest positing can be hard to get used to at first, and most notably with the V-shaped seat padding, they use on most of their gaming chairs.

In some of the cheaper options to DXRacer, it appears that the foam is thinner, which means it’s not as comfortable for long gaming sessions. If you’re someone who plays for hours at a time, you’ll want to upgrade to one of their more premium options.


what about durability

The quality of every chair made by DXRacer is phenomenal, and if you ask anyone who’s owned one of them before, they’ll tell you that even after years of rigorous use, they still look and feel brand new.

The materials include high-grade microfiber leather on their more expensive chairs or standard PU leather on the cheaper ones, along with other materials like vinyl, plastic, metal, and polyurethane.

Everything is carefully stitched, made with quality craftsmanship, and quality tested by DXRacer’s assurance team, so you’re guaranteed a high-quality chair.


Posture seems to be a primary concern for DXRacer when designing their chairs, and this is good news for their users.

Everything from the adjustability options for lumbar and armrests, to the carefully placed padding on the seat and back, helps you stay upright and in the healthiest position.

The excellent posture these chairs offer also gives you a boost of vitality during gaming which is especially helpful during long sessions.

There’s no effort required as the chair completely encapsulates you and keeps you upright, so all of your focus can be on the game in front of you.

Seat, Back, and Armrest

features and accesories

All of the chairs in the DXRacer range come with ergonomic features that allow you to adjust them to your physical requirements. They also prevent you from doing things like sitting with your legs crossed or having poor posture, which you’ll be grateful for in the long term.

Some users found the headrests to be somewhat limiting in how they moved around, so you’ll want to do some measurements before jumping in.

Unfortunately, the only area missing this adjustability is the lower back, and although that’s standard on many gaming chairs today, DXRacer has yet to come to the party. Otherwise, you’ll find adjustments in all others areas including the seat height, angle, and armrest, so you can get it pretty spot on to what your body needs.

Wheels and Movement

Every chair by DXRacer is capable of a 360-degree range of motion thanks to its swivel base and features caster wheels on the bottom if you want to move further.

The wheels on these chairs aren’t anything exciting, but they are durable and make movements smooth.

Each wheel is coated with polyurethane so they glide easily and each chair features five caster wheels for better balance. The caster size varies depending on the seat but most of them measure the standard two inches.

Setup and Weight Capacity

When you purchase a chair from DXRacer, it comes with all of the modular parts and an instruction manual, so you can do the job yourself.

Most users found it took between 45 minutes to an hour to assemble the chairs, mainly because of the chair’s legs, with the process being lengthy but not difficult.

The DXRacer gaming chairs are weight rated depending on their style, with the most basic series only having a 250lbs maximum capacity.

The larger Tank series chairs vary in weight capacity as well with 450lbs being the largest, so this brand has been sure to cater to every user out there.

Design and Accessories

armrest and cushioning

DXRacer has managed to create a range of chairs that are each unique in their looks but manage to be quintessential gaming chairs.

They vary in style from the professional microfiber leather coated Master series to the fun and gaming-centric special edition Playstation chairs, and everything in between.

There are many color options for each chair and add-ons like an extra mesh cushion for warmer weather, replacement wheels, and modular parts, all available on their website and through retailers like Amazon.

This enables users to make adjustments or replacements as needed without having to fork out another few hundred dollars for a chair.

Pricing and Warranty

Although there are variations of chairs and prices within the DXRacer range, it’s generally considered to be mid-range in cost.

They have more cost-effective options with their basic chairs and they can also be quite expensive if you choose something like the Tank or Master series.

The luxury look and feel of the DXRacer chairs make this extra money worth it though, and they’re covered with extensive warranties for each part that proves their quality.

The chair material is two years, the internal seat frame is five years, and all spare parts including the side mechanisms and wheels come with a three year warranty.

Final Verdict

gaming setup with dxracer

DXRacer’s range covers just about any specification or features a gamer could ask for, even if some of their chairs are lacking in features more so than others.

With chairs ranging from $200 to $700, there’s something for every budget, and they have no shortage of colors and design options to choose from.

The second you sit on one of these gaming chairs you’ll know that it’s well-made, and you get a decent warranty on all of the parts.

Although priced a little higher than others, they have the goods to back it up, so you can put your trust in DXRacer to deliver a gaming chair that’ll last you many glorious gaming sessions.

Related Questions

Choosing the perfect gaming chair is made a whole lot easier when you know the brands with solid reputations, like DXRacer, and which ones to avoid.

If you’re still on the hunt for a new gaming chair but don’t have a clue where to start, check out these FAQs that can give you a push in the right direction.

How Much Does a Gaming Chair Cost?

Gaming chairs vary in price between $100 and $500, with the price depending on the features and build quality of the chair.

The cheaper alternatives usually aren’t as comfortable or supportive whereas the high-end chairs cost more simply due to their flashy design, so it’s not always a matter of spending more to get a better product.

Are Cheap Gaming Chairs Good?

Spending less than $100 for a gaming chair is possible, but if you want to save money, you might consider buying an office chair instead.

These don’t always come in the racer style that’s popular with gamers but they’re ergonomically designed for support and comfort, and usually a lot cheaper.

What is the Point of a Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair is designed to optimize the posture and comfort of the person sitting in it which leads to better performance while gaming, and the ability to play for longer.

Their vibrant designs and shapes are a bonus, but predominantly, they care about the support of the player.

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