The Amazing Dygma Raise Keyboard Review (from a gamers view)

Written by Lucas

Last updated Apr 21, 2022

The Dygma Raise is a one-of-a-kind keyboard that is continues to impress me over and over again! Let me show you why!

EKSA Air Joy Plus
Eksa Air Joy Plus2


This is a fully programmable, hot swappable mechanical keyboard that splits in half allowing you to use the two halves shoulder width apart for a better ergonomic experience. It has two wrist rests that are connected to each side of the keyboard, and 8 programable thumb keys!  

On the Dygma website you can download a its programmable software called Bazecor which allows you to customize each individual key, create up to 10 different layers, and program macro keys which are a sequence of keystrokes, mouse clicks, delays, etc. which allow you to create a shortcut for something that would otherwise take time to complete. This is extremely useful for gaming because it allows you to create shortcuts for an action that would otherwise take multiple keystrokes or reaching a finger out to complete and give you a competitive advantage. 

This keyboard is also hot swappable, and at checkout you can choose what kind of switches you want out of a variety of Kailh and Cherry switches. You can also choose between a black or silver color, and you can pick your keycap layout whether that be English (US/UK) German, French, etc. The keyboard also comes with a very nice traveling case which inside of it includes:  

  • x1The keyboard  
  • x1 Neuron (more on that later) 
  • x1 60” USB-C to USB-A cable 
  • x2 8” USB-C to USB-C cables  
  • x1 20” USB-C to USB-C cable 

    The keyboard also comes with an enhancement kit which includes:  

    • x1 Keycap and switches puller  
    • x70 Think translucent O-rings  
    • x70 Thick translucent O-rings  
    • x1 Small dust brush 
    • x2 Microfiber cloths  
    • x8 Test switches 

      On Dygma’s website you can buy replacement parts for your Dygma’s Raise Keyboard including cables, palm pads, keycaps, etc. This is an expensive, yet quality, keyboard, so if you break something it is nice assurance to be able to buy a replacement part instead of the whole keyboard.  

      raise tenting 3


      Dygma has done a fantastic job on the design of this keyboard! It has been expertly designed to fit everyone no matter if you’re a gamer, programmer, blogger or everyday user. The low profile keyboard provides the next level of ergonomics. Not only can you use it like a regular keyboard (both halves connected with 4 metal pins), but you can split it apart and use the two halves shoulder width apart which puts less strain on your upper body, and if that is not all, you can also buy Dygma’s Raise Tenting Kit for an extra $90 which are feet that raises the two halves of the keyboard on their sides (as shown in the picture above) to fit the angle of your wrists and reduce soreness and hand problems.  All this helps to put your forearms at a more natural angle, which makes them less pronated, and it allows you to use your keyboard more comfortably and for longer periods of time without any short- or long-term muscle problems. 

      Dygma wanted to maximize the use of all the fingers we have including our thumbs, so they added 8 thumb keys. These keys, (like the rest of the keyboard) are fully programable. You can use them as macro keys or any other command you would find on a keyboard. I find these keys very useful especially since this is a 60% keyboard and I don’t have arrow or delete keys, so I just opened up Bazecor and programmed those individual keys to what I needed! 

      The design of this keyboard is nothing short of sturdy. It has an aluminum body, with rubber feet on the bottom to prevent sliding and vibration. The keyboard also has a built-in wrist wrest, and it comes with two palm pads which are made out of neoprene, foam, and a leathery cover for max comfort while keeping your hand cool. The keycaps are made out of double shot PBT for the English (US/UK) layouts, or ABS laser etched keycaps in all the other layouts.  

      Both halves of the keyboard are connected through Dygma’s Neuron. The Neuron is basically the brain of the keyboard. It holds the microprocessor and the memory which stores the 10 different keyboard layers and lighting. The Neuron also allows you to remove either the left or right half of the keyboard and still have the other half working. Which while gaming, you can remove the right half of the keyboard so that you have more mouse space to maximize your gameplay. 

      The RGB is also something that I am really impressed with. It is also fully customizable though the Bazecor software, and there are small lighting strips on the outskirts of the keyboard and underneath the keys allowing you to customize almost every single inch of lighting throughout the keyboard. 

      raise gaming 2


      No matter how you use this keyboard and whether it if it’s for gaming, content creation, or blog writing, it is going to exceed your expectations. Note, however, that it does take some time to get accustomed to but it is worth it! Each keycap is designed to match the curve of your fingertips for better ergonomics, even the 8 thumb keys were designed to match the curve of your thumbs! Each keycap is stable, and they do not shift around when typing. The keycaps are also excellent quality, and they are double shot, which means that the letters on the keycaps are made of a different kind of plastic than the outer mold of the keycap, which makes the letters on the keycap more durable, longer lasting, and you get better RGB. 

      As I mentioned above, you can choose the type of switch you would like when you purchase the keyboard, but in case you don’t like the switch you chose, Dygma also sells packs of switches, which you can get and replace them with the once you previously had in your keyboard. 

      The ergonomics of this keyboard are great, I used this for long period of time without even getting sore and I don’t even have the raise tenting kit which would provide even more comfort. You forearm, wrists, and fingers rest in a natural position which gains you more comfort while gaming or typing.  

      raise typing 2

      Conclusion – The best keyboard I’ve reviewed!

      Overall, this is the best keyboard that I have ever used. It is fully programable and RGB customizable through the Bazecor software, where you can create great lighting effect or macro keys which make detailed commands easy to do at a single key sequence. This keyboard is extremely ergonomic friendly, it allows you to split the keyboard in half and use both halves shoulder width apart to make your experience as comfortable as possible. If you want more of the ergonomic factor, you can get the Raise Tenting Kit for an extra $90 which will allow you to type at a more natural angle making your experience even more comfortable.  

      Now I have been avoiding the price of this keyboard for the whole review, because I wanted y’all to see how good this keyboard is without looking at the price tag. This keyboard starts at just over $300. Now that is a hefty price especially for a keyboard, but I think every dollar is worth it as you should have seen from my review. This would be a great keyboard for people who need a fully programable keyboard, such as gamers or programmers. It would also be great if you’re having shoulder problems and need a good ergonomic keyboard.  

      If your just an ordinary person out there who doesn’t need a $300 keyboard, then I would check out our Top 5 Keyboards under $50 and $100

      • Switches
      • Backlight
      • Comfort 
      • Durability 
      • Overall

      The Pros

      • Ergonomics are out of this world!
      • Tenting kit compatable
      • Fully programable keys and RGB
      • 10 diffrent progamable layers can be stored on the keyboard
      • You can choose what kind of switch you want
      • Comes with lots of accessories
      • The body and key caps are high qulity
      • Hotswappable

        The Cons

        • High price
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