EKSA EM500 VS EM600 Gaming Mouse Review

Written by Lucas

Last updated Jul 12, 2023

The EKSA EM500 Gaming Mouse is a super light and compact mouse weighing in at only 68g (2.39oz) which puts it on the lighter end of most gaming mice. It has a max DPI (dots per inch) of 12,400 with 6 intervals below that.  The mouse also comes with 8 programmable buttons (note that it isn’t programable on MacOS), an ergonomic focused design, and tasteful RGB. This is on the more expensive side of EKSA gaming mice coming in at around $45 on EKSA’s international website, and $30 on Amazon (at the time of writing). This mouse comes in two color themes, black, red/white, and yellow. The cord reaches 6’, and the outer layer is made from parachute cord making it extremely durable. It also has a wide range of connectivity and connects to your device via USB-A. 


The EKSA EM600 Gaming mouse is an ergonomic focused gaming mouse with 9 different programable buttons. Coming in at 90g this mouse is slightly heavier than the EM500 mouse and while gaming you can feel that difference in weight. It has a max DPI (dots per inch) of 12,000 with 6 intervals below that. This mouse also has 12 RGB modes to illuminate your desk even further. The cord reaches 6’, and the outer layer is made from parachute cord making it extremely durable. It also has a wide range of connectivity and connects to your device via USB-A. This mouse comes in at around $35. 

    EKSA Air Joy Plus

    EKSA EM500


    Eksa Air Joy Plus2

    EKSA EM600


    The design of the EM500 is clearly well thought out. It has a particularly good ergonomic design, and your hand rests in a natural position on the top of the mouse. Your hand also rests in a position where you do not need grip tape to prevent it from slipping off. The body is made of a sweatproof material so that your mouse does not get sweaty during your game play. The mouse is light and comfortable to use for extended periods of time. 


    The design of the EM600 is also fairly good! It has an extremely comfortable ergonomic design with lots of programmable buttons. This ergonomic design allows you to use any hand position you like on the mouse while keeping your hand comfortable. One thing I don’t like about this mouse is the position of the thumb buttons and the sniper buttons. Your thumb rests on the sniper buttons so that it is easy to use, but the thumb buttons are located above your thumb position which means in order to use the thumb buttons you have to lift your thumb about ½ an inch unlike the EM500 mouse where your thumb just rests on the designated thumb buttons. This just makes the buttons harder to use, and it takes more time to press them. 


    Built with the advanced A3327 sensor, the EM500 can reach up to 12,400 DPI and a max speed of 100 IPS (inches per second) which gives you great gaming play for only a $30 USD mouse! Rated for 20 million clicks this mouse should last you for a long time! This mouse slides extremely smooth over your mouse pad getting you perfect accuracy.  


    The EM600 is on the heavier side of things, and it doesn’t perform as well as the EM500 in smoothness and accuracy. The mouse also has a heavier activation force, making it slightly harder to click really fast. The EM600 can also reach up to 12,000 DPI which also gives you great game play.  

    Conclusion, which one should you choose?

    Overall, these are two great mice, but I think it comes down to what you need when choose between these two. I would personally recommend the EM500 over the EM600 just because of its lightness and better ergonomic design. It also has a slightly higher DPI range than the EM600 which does give it a slight advantage. But, if you’re a person who needs lots of buttons, then I would recommend the EM600. With its 9 programmable buttons and 90g weight, it is slightly heavier than the EM500, but it gives you an extra button to work with while still having a fairly good ergonomic design. These mice are pretty much the same in price, though the EM500 is slightly more expensive if you buy it from EKSA’s international website instead of Amazon.  

    Thank you to EKSA for sending me these! If you liked this review, then check out some of our other reviews on EKSA products. 

    E910 Headset 

    GT1 Cobra Earbuds 

    E3Z Air Joy Plus 


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