Escape From Tarkov – Brimming with potential

Written by Branton

Last updated Apr 8, 2018

Escape from Tarkov is an upcoming open-world mmofps that seems like a good mix of DayZ, Rainbow 6: Seige and The Division. It’s being developed by a Russian studio named Battlestate and a closed beta is scheduled for sometime in Q1 2016 – you can sign up for the closed beta here.

Battlestate is aiming to make Escape from Tarkov extremely realistic by toting DayZ style survival mechanics (hunger, thirst, weapon durability etc), a realistic ballistic system and immersive visuals. Similar to The Division, there are different zones in Tarkov where different rules exist, you’ll go from 64 player full-loot PvP “hot zones” to the AI populated open-world areas where death is a little more forgiving.

As far as progression goes, there’s a deep progression system with 100 skills spread across 4 different categories (physical, practical, combat & mental) – very much an RPG-style progression system. It’s also been mentioned that skills can degrade over time if you’re not practicing them, which I think is really cool & immersive.  Along with a deep progression system, there is also a really intricate weapon customization system that seems to allow you to swap out almost any part on a firearm.

Although no firm release date has been set yet, my guess would be that it’ll drop before end of 2016, considering the first closed beta is taking place soon (again, you can sign up here). Pre-orders have already opened up, and there are packs ranging from $44 – $139 with each of them giving you guaranteed access to the closed beta and other bonuses, grab your preorder pack here.

Personally, since hearing about Escape from Tarkov I’ve been really amped on it and can’t wait to give it a spin – I just hope I get picked for the closed beta!  What about you? Are you signing up for the beta? Amped on this game? Let me know below!

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