Fallout 4 – Crafting, Shelter Building, and more!

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Fallout 4 had a tonne of coverage at E3 2015, and rightfully so. It stands to be Bethesda’s most ambitious game ever, offering their largest open-world game they’ve ever built.

FO4 doesnt stop at a massive open-world though, because that would make it just like the other Fallout games, and any other RPG, it also throws you into an amazing crafting system which allows you to customize basically anything you can use.

From your own settlements, to your weapons and even your power armor, almost everything can be customized to reflect your own tastes.

You can tear down basically anything and use it to rebuild your own structures which are used for various tasks. There are things like defensive buildings, farming, crafting, shops, etc. You then have to wire everything into your power-system, and yes, you actually have to manually string the wire.

fallout 4 pip boy editionThere are literally thousands of items in Fallout, and this has always been a thing in the Fallout series. But now, every single one of those items has a role to play in crafting, depending on what the item contains for materials.

With 50 base weapons, and over 700 modifications for those weapons, you can build basically any tool of destruction that you can imagine. You can even take a normal laser pistol and turn it into a full-blown automatic laser rifle of death.

The Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 comes with a real-life pip-boy that actually works with the game via WiFi, which is insanely cool. You can actually use the real Pip-Boy to check your characters stats and equipment while playing the game. Super cool.

Fallout 4 is set to release on November 10th, 2015, pre-order your copy today!

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