Fallout 4 – Exploration Gameplay Video

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Another Fallout 4 gameplay video has been released, this time showing a less-edited version of the first bit of real exploration you get to do. Well, I’m assuming they follow along with the primary story-line, but it’s a lot more telling than the E3 demo was.

I’m not too sure about some of the damage physics which are shown, for instance, a minigun exploding someone’s torso into 6 hamburger sized pieces while in V.A.T.S. But, I suppose that’s the Fallout way. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t mind seeing a part of the torso blow off, instead of just exploding. Morbid, right? I’m sure there will be mods for that eventually anyways.

All-in-all, Fallout 4 still looks like it’s going to be an incredible game, and honestly, I can’t wait for November to come so I can get my hands on it.



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