Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Sold Out – Indefinitely

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fallout 4 pip boy edition sold out

*UPDATE* Fallout 4 is being sold on Ebay for insane prices, check it out! Some of them are up to $800!

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If you were one of those who were planning to buy the Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 a little closer to release, it looks like you waited too long.

Bethesda announced yesterday that all copies of the Pip-Boy edition have been sold, and no new ones can be produced due to “factory limitations”.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Bethesda had this to say, “We reached a point where we’d go back to the factories and they were like, ‘guys, this is it, sorry. This is as long as we can run the lines and as many of them as we can make.'”

I guess they picked the wrong factory to source from. In any event, this whole fiasco will make the Pip-Boy edition worth that much more, especially when people start selling their dozens of copies that you know they bought.

You can still pre-order a normal copy of Fallout, and use your smartphone to do the same things that you could have on the Pip-Boy. Fallout 4 is set to release on November 10th, and will come to PC and both next-gen consoles on the same day.


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