Fallout 4’s upcoming survival overhaul

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Earlier this month, Bethesda announced that they would be giving Fallout 4’s “survival” setting a major (and much needed) facelift, but they didn’t give us anything in the way of details. Until recently.


This thread popped up on the Fallout subreddit yesterday, and the OP claimed to have insider information into what we should expect from the upcoming update. Something like this wouldn’t usually be given much positive attention, unless Bethesda confirmed it themselves, which they did not long after the leak was posted.

So, what kind of improvements are we going to see? Hopefully something more reminiscent of older Fallout survival modes, right? Let’s look, but keep in mind these things might change upon release, and that modders will be all over this stuff probably right away.

  • Wellness
    One of the biggest additions into Fallout 4’s survival mode is something a lot of people expected to see from launch. Hunger, thirst, and rest mechanics. Finally all of that food you’re packing around will have more use than simply healing you, and bottled water will be something you actually want to stock up on. Also, going for extended periods without resting will negatively impact your skills, add to your fatigue levels and lower your immunity to sickness & disease.
  • Sickness, disease & antibiotics
    If you’re running around the Capitol Wasteland fighting disease-ridden creatures like ghouls or mole rats, or you’re eating uncooked food / drinking unpurified water, chances are you’re going to get sick. Getting yourself better will require crafting / buying some antibiotics, or paying a visit to your local clinic.
  • Fatigue & beds
    When you’re out surviving a harsh post-apocalyptic scenario, you’re going to get tired and require rest to fight off fatigue. Fatigue builds up similar to radiation exposure, only instead of affecting your health, it will lower your available AP points. How you choose to rest has an effect on how long you can do it, and how well it will work, and sleeping in a bed compared to a sleeping bag will have slightly different effects. 
  • Adrenaline
    Adrenaline will be a new perk automatically granted to you by surviving, with only 1 way to increase it. Getting kills. Increasing your adrenaline perk is going to boost the damage you can do to enemies in the Wasteland, but it’s not permanent and resting for more than 1hr will start to drop your adrenaline levels.
  • Saving & fast travel
    Long gone are the days of quicksaves and teleporting across the map. Saving can only be done at a bed, and fast travelling is now closer to something called “the shoelace express” (start running).
  • Encumbrance
    Like being able to carry 250 missiles, 75 mini nukes and thousands of rounds for the rest of your arsenal? Your character won’t, at least not in the new survival mode. All items will have weight attached to them, and you’re going to have to be more picky about how you kit yourself out.
  • Companions
    It doesn’t sound like companions are going to be susceptible to permadeath like in past Fallout survival modes, but they won’t auto-revive, and will return home if you forget to do so. So, you can still lose your companion, just not permanently.

These are just some of the leaked features that stood out to me, and to get the full picture you should definitely check out the Reddit thread linked above.

Honestly, I’m a big fan of how Fallout: New Vegas’s survival mode turned out, and I think it will be nice to have some of those features back in Fallout 4, especially the hunger / thirst / sleep mechanics. Combining that with keeping your immunity up to avoid catching any nasty diseases, and we already have some great survival mechanics! I also like how Bethesda is adding small details like different beds meaning different levels of rest, little things like this make me hopeful for other details that might not have been leaked.

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With that said, I don’t know if I’m overly fond of completely killing fast travel without adding some kind of Skyrim-like cart system to get from say, Sanctuary to The Castle a little faster. Although I suppose using the vertibird transport might work as an alternative! Also, being able to only save at a bed might prove to be a nuisance considering life happens and sometimes you just have to save and leave fast without much time to spare. But, this could be fixed by implementing some kind of carryable / packable sleeping bag or tent (or both!?).

All-in-all, I think the upcoming survival mode overhaul for Fallout 4 sounds like its going to be great, even if it does bring some questionable mechanics. But, my opinion is just one, what’s yours? Do you think the survival update is going to be good, or bad? Why? Let me know below! 

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March 1, 2016 10:28 am

i think that taking the quicksaving out is stupid. they should just make it so theres no autosave and keep quicksave in. then you have to remember to save but your not fucked if you have to quit the game when your not around a bed.