Final Fantasy XV to hit PC in 2018

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Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata recently announced during Nvidia’s spot at Gamescom that the latest installment of the Final Fantasy series, 15, will be coming as a Windows exclusive sometime early in 2018, including a slew of Nvidia’s GameWorks features, 4K textures, mods, and even a first person mode.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty stoked on this announcement. FF15 was already an amazing looking game on PS4, so I can’t imagine what it’ll look like (actually look like, not in a recording) with 4K textures @ 60fps or better on a specced out gaming PC. But, with Square Enix opting to toss in a slew of Nvidia-specific GameWorks features (think HairWorks in The Witcher 3) are AMD users going to miss out on much? I doubt it.

The PC release is going to hit the ground running with all of the paid content from consoles and of course every free update as well, not to mention the addition of a first person view mode. How that first person mode is going to work in the fight scenes, I’m not too sure, but it should be interesting without a doubt. I really liked how Rockstar added first-person into GTA: V, so I’m very interested to see if Square Enix can pull of a similar effect.

As far as system requirements, none have been posted on the FF15 Steam page or anywhere else, yet. Well, there was one small and vastly incorrect statement made about it requiring a whopping 170GB to install (not that I would doubt it) and needing a GTX 1080 Ti to even run it, but those falsities have since been put to rest. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to play FF15 maxed out in native 4K and get playable frame rates, you’re going to need a beast of a PC; but a solid mid-range build like this one will still offer significantly better performance than you’ll get playing on any console.

At the end of the day, only time will tell how well the Windows-only version of Final Fantasy: XV is going to go over, but I do know one thing, as a long-time fan I’m really excited to see how well/if Square Enix can pull this one off.

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