GAMDIAS Hermes M5 Keyboard Review

Written by Lucas

Last updated Jun 15, 2023

With a price of $60 USD this budget keyboard comes with blue tactile switches, N-Key rollover, 1000Hz polling rate and more! It also has a study design and a iced themed look! Lets dig deeper into this unique keyboard! 



This keyboard is a good option for you if you’re not looking to break the bank! Coming in at around $60 USD this keyboard comes with GAMDIAS’ blue switches, N-key rollover, and a decent design. This is an ice styled keyboard which comes with white and ice blue-colored keycaps and backlighting. It also comes with blue switches as I mentioned above to continue the ice theme. This is a full-sized keyboard that comes with a 32-bit cortex microprocessor which provides a great gaming experience with zero lag. This processor also allows to store up to 5 different profiles on your keyboard with its 32KB of memory! This keyboard also has 4 multimedia keys and 6 different lighting effects with 5 levels of brightness. It also comes with N-key rollover which allows you to press multiple keys at once without ghosting! Ghosting is when you press multiple keys and some don’t get processed. In addition, this keyboard has a 1000Hz polling rate (the frequency the keyboard transmits data to your PC) which is pretty great for its price! All you get in the box is the keyboard and a keycap puller. There is a QR code on the side which leads you to a digital user’s manual. The keyboard is connected via USB-A and its cable length is 1.5 meters. 


The design of this keyboard is decent. The keyboard has an aluminum bezel and an ABS plastic backplate. It comes in at a weight of 797 grams which is in the middle for its class. It is also durable, allowing you to pack it around without it getting damaged. There are risers on the back of the keyboard that you can use for a better gaming or typing experience. The keycaps are made of PBT which makes them quite durable. The life of this keyboard is rated at around 50 million key cycles which is typical for a keyboard of this type. The cord on this keyboard is something that I am not a big fan of, the cable, as you see in the picture above is sticking directly out about ½ an inch from the top of the keyboard, which means that if you wanted to cable manage this keyboard, the cable would be visible. The cable is also plastic and is nondetachable from the keyboard. I would have liked to see a better quality and detachable cord. This keyboard is also white and blue, and does not come in any other colors, (that I know of, leave a comment down below if there is another color available). 


The performance of this keyboard is pretty decent all things considered. The keyboard’s N-key rollover works well to prevent ghosting. The keycaps are good too, they fell like quality PBT keycaps, and I don’t find them too tall. The only thing about the keycaps that I don’t really like is the instability of the keycaps. They don’t feel stable, and move from side to side each keypress, which affects your typing and gaming speed. The keyboard comes with GAMDIAS’ blue switches, which are pretty good, they are loud and clicky, so if you’re streaming, this keyboard might not be the best option, because your key clicks can be heard through your microphone. These are a clicky tactile switch, which means that your will feel a bump as the keypress is registered. Overall, for the price of the keyboard, the performance is good! 


Overall, the GAMDIAS Hermes M5 is a good keyboard, but in order for me to recommend this to you, it has to fit what you need. With a price of $60 USD this budget keyboard comes with blue tactile switches, N-Key rollover, 1000Hz polling rate and more! This might not be the best choice if your streaming, or planning on streaming, because your keypresses will be heard through most microphones. The design is sturdy and will only flex if you press down hard on the keyboard.  

  • Switches
  • Backlight
  • Comfort 
  • Durability 
  • Overall

The Pros

  • Good price VS performance ratio   
  • N-key rollover 
  • Sturdy design 
  • Good switches
  • Quality keycaps  
  • Retractable mic
  • Rated for 50 million keypresses  

    The Cons

    • Cord sticks out from the top of the keyboard
    • The keycaps are not that stable
    • You need to have a white/blue themed set up to have this fit in (if your care)  
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