7 Best Games Like ARK: Survival Evolved

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best games like ARK

There’s a lot to love about Studio Wildcard’s  ARK: Survival Evolved. It’s one of the most popular and arguably the best sandbox survival games. Who doesn’t like the idea of being trapped on an island with dinosaurs and killing them to survive? Crafting structures, armor, and weapons are all makings of any great open-world RPG and you have to love the ability to tame a dinosaur.

Best Games Like Arc

Below are the games most similar to Arc that are really fricking awesome. Like ARK: Survivor Evolved, these are all survival games that are relatively open world.

1. Monster Hunter: World (2017)

Monster Hunter World PS4 cover photo

First in our list is Monster Hunter: World with almost 16 million sales. Similar to ARK, Monter Hunter is exactly what you would expect given the title – you hunt monsters in a rich, beautiful fantasy world and is a really amazing RPG. It’s available on all consoles, but to play on the highest graphic settings on the PC you’ll need a fairly decent computer as it is quite CPU intensive.

Make sure you get the game on the same platform as your friends though as it is not cross-platform – you won’t be able to play with your friends if you’re on PC and they’re on Playstation.

Monster Hunter:  World Gameplay

2. 7 Days To Die (2014)

7 days to die on ps4

7 days To Die, developed by The Fun Pimps, is different from ARK in that it’s a zombie survival game, but a survival game nonetheless with almost 10 MILLION downloads. If you’re like me and almost 86,000 other people who love zombie games you’ll love 7 days to die which boasts a 9/10. 7 Days to die which was released in Dec 2013, and is about $24.99. It’s an older game but they consistently release patches to keep it up to date.

It’s a steam game and available on Windows, Linux, and MacOs.

3. Rust (2018)

Rust Game announcement

Facepunch Studios’ Rust first became available in 2013 but had its official release in 2018 and since then has become one of the most popular survival games. It’s had more than 300,000 reviews on Steam with an average rating of 9/10. Yeah, people love this game and it’s seriously addicting.

It has an M rating like all great games with an awesome community and support from the studio.

Rust Video Gameplay

4. Life Is Feudal: Your Own (2018)

life is feudal game cover photo

Life is Feudal is a little different from  ARK – it’s more of an MMORPG set in the medieval. It’s a great game, but not as loved as heavily as the other games with a respectable 6/10  with almost 8,000 reviews. However, it’s also about half to a third of the cost at $20.00

This isn’t a game for those who have no patience. You’ll start out as a peasant and have to pay your dues doing monotonous labor and lots of grinding. It is a TON of fun despite the big learning curve. It also has a number of bugs, but I still enjoy it. It’s one of the games that you’ll either hate or love.

Life is Feudal Gameplay Video

5.The Forest (2018)

the forest cover photo

The Forest is a survival game that I first placed in 2016 when it was in beta on steam. Essentially, you’re a dad who was traveling with his son when the plane goes down. You wake up o an island with, surprise, surprise – a ton of forest and look for your son.

The only thing is you’re not alone. There are some mutant creature thingies all over the island that can get quite aggressive. Rather than leveling up, you build structures, armor, and weapons while going around the island to get various resources. Admittedly I never got very far, but there is a very deep hole somewhere on the island and it is quite dark and terrifying.

I enjoyed the game at the time though, but haven’t played since before its release. People really enjoy it as it has a 9/10 and over 150,000 reviews.  At $19.99 it’s a pretty good steal and I highly recommend you check out this intuitive game.

The Forest Gameplay

6. Astroneer (2016)

astroneer cover photo

At $29.99 and with 50,000 reviews of an average of 9/10 Astroneer by System Era Softworks is a great game for those who are looking for something relatively affordable.

In Astroneer the player colonizes planets, manage resources, and creates structures. All in all, there are 7 planets  in which you use some resources (quartz, lithium, etc) to forge stronger materials such as titanium. It’s a modern game – one of the items you start off in your landscaping tools is a 3-d printer.

It’s an awesome game where you take a lot of pride in building up the landscape to make it visually appealing, but the main point is exploration. That said, there really isn’t any fighting and there are no plans to add any real fighting mechanics.

Astroneer Gameplay Video

7. Orion: Prelude (ULTIMATE EDITION)  (2016)

orion prelude cover photo

Similar to ARK, Orion: Prelude (Ultimate Edition) is a game focused on killing monsters with some bad-ass weapons. You team up with your band of friends to wield weapons and utilize vehicles to survive waves of dinosaurs. The graphics are very halo-esque and you even wear a suit of armor that looks similar.

It’s not as expansive as the other games here, but at $9.99 it’s hard to beat the value. It’s easy to enjoy the game for a while and easily get your money’s worth.

Orion Prelude Gameplay Video


All of these are pretty great games in their own right, and they are easily worth the money. However,  the first 3 are much more popular than the rest. Fortunately, there are still awesome gaming communities around all of them and you’ll have fun regardless. You just have to pick your poison – more dinosaurs, space travel, zombie killing, and everything else mentioned.


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