Did IGN blatantly poach content from Boomstick Gaming?

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ign plagiarism dead cells

[update] Around 4:30 PM PDT, IGN released a statement regarding this incident. According to this most recent statement (read it below), IGN has parted ways with Filip Miucin and will be re-reviewing Dead Cells. IGN’s Statement on the Dead Cells review investigation: pic.twitter.com/3hh0hpPK0Y — IGN (@IGN) August 7, 2018 IGN has … Read More

EVE Online’s biggest battle yet – Over 4000 players!

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eve online biggest battle ever

You might remember hearing about the Bloodbath of B-R5RB from 2011 and how massive that battle was. Well, a recent skirmish over a Keepstar Citadel in the X47L-Q system completely obliterated it in terms of scale. If you’re not familiar with the 2011 B-R5RB battle, it lasted for over 21-hours, … Read More

No Man’s Sky jumps from 2000 to 96000 peak players

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Sean Murray and Hello Games must be ecstatic right now. No Man’s Sky has reached concurrent player counts not seen since its infamous release in 2016. There have always been slight upticks when patches drop, but never anything like the 96000 that are currently playing. That’s over 96000 on just … Read More

No Man’s Sky’s Next update looks awesome

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 It’s almost been a full 2-years since No Man’s Sky first released back in August 2016. Since then, Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games have been working double-time on the arduous task of delivering the No Man’s Sky everyone expected. Upon release, NMS was met with harsh … Read More