Escape From Tarkov – Sign up for Open Beta Testing now!

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Escape From Tarkov is an upcoming survival FPS from Battlestate Games and now is your chance to sign up for open beta testing that’ll take place at the beginning of 2018. Not everyone will have access to the open beta, instead, Battlestate will be picking random players who are registered … Read More

Star Citizen – Now you can buy land too

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Star Citizen, one of the largest crowdfunding projects ever, is getting another crowdfunding option in the form of digital real estate. Rather, beacons which can be used to claim land within UEE space once the mechanic goes live. The prices run at $50 for a basic 4x4km lot or $100 for an … Read More

The worst game for microtransactions in 2017 – My opinion

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microtransaction alley 2k18

Oh, 2017, the year of microtransactions and loot boxes. Among other things. What was the worst game for microtransactions in 2017? In my opinion, it was definitely not Battlefront 2; instead, I have a different worst-offender in mind. If you’ve been following gaming news at all this year, you already … Read More