Hitman: Sapienza (EP2) update – My impressions

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The newest installment into the recently released Hitman game dropped yesterday, and it’s definitely adding more of what I expected from this Hitman iteration. A big open map, lots of interactions, and most importantly, lots of ways to finish the primary contract – which is also pretty interesting. The map of Sapienza is really … Read More

The Culling – Closed alpha impressions

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Now that it’s been a few days since The Culling’s closed alpha, I’ve had some time to think about the gameplay and gather something of an opinion, a subjective opinion, but an opinion nonetheless. The Culling brings an awesome idea to the table, and executes it quite well, but for some … Read More

The Culling closed alpha opens tomorrow (Feb 26th)

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The Culling is an upcoming Battle Royale-style FPS from developers Xaviant studios. 16 players have 20 minutes to scavenge gear, craft weapons, set traps and ultimately be the last person left standing. It sounds and looks like an awesome game so far, and you still have a chance to get in … Read More

Fallout 4’s upcoming survival overhaul

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Earlier this month, Bethesda announced that they would be giving Fallout 4’s “survival” setting a major (and much needed) facelift, but they didn’t give us anything in the way of details. Until recently. This thread popped up on the Fallout subreddit yesterday, and the OP claimed to have insider information into … Read More

Escape From Tarkov – Brimming with potential

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Escape from Tarkov is an upcoming open-world mmofps that seems like a good mix of DayZ, Rainbow 6: Seige and The Division. It’s being developed by a Russian studio named Battlestate and a closed beta is scheduled for sometime in Q1 2016 – you can sign up for the closed … Read More

Bohemia Interactive’s 2016 roadmap for Arma 3

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Bohemia Interactive’s military sim Arma 3 has been around coming up on 3 years now, and there are zero signs that development is slowing anytime soon. In this freshly released video roadmap, Creative Director Jay Crowe goes over the 10 biggest/best changes over 2015 and then the 10 biggest plans for 2016. … Read More

2016 KSH roadmap for Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers

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Marek Rosa (CEO of Keen Software House) dropped a big update today in regards to the future development plans for both Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers. The update came in the form of a post on Marek’s personal blog, and wow there’s a lot planned! But, Marek also had this … Read More

Diablo 3 – absolutely massive 2.4.0 patch drops

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The latest patch for Diablo 3 (2.4.0) brings a huge amount of new content, bug fixes and balancing. The biggest addition comes in the form of a new zone dubbed Grayhollow Island which is only accessible via Act 5 in adventure mode. The ruins of Sescheron and Leoric’s Manor have … Read More

Life is Feudal: Your Own – Review

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Life is Feudal: Your Own is a survival sim like no other! You’re not going to find another Minecraft clone here, that’s for sure! If you’re currently on the fence about buying it or not, then hopefully my review will help!