Squadron 42 – Pre-alpha gameplay footage released!

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Squadron 42, Roberts Space Industries’ single-player dive into the Star Citizen universe finally had some new gameplay footage released to close out 2017. It’s laggy at points, but overall very promising and includes tons of commentary by Chris Roberts. If you’re not quite sure what Squadron 42 is, let’s quickly … Read More

Star Citizen – Now you can buy land too

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Star Citizen, one of the largest crowdfunding projects ever, is getting another crowdfunding option in the form of digital real estate. Rather, beacons which can be used to claim land within UEE space once the mechanic goes live. The prices run at $50 for a basic 4x4km lot or $100 for an … Read More

The most downvoted comment ever – Star Wars Battlefront 2

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star wars battlefront 2 open beta

If you’ve been following the development of Star Wars Battlefront 2, I’m sure you already know about the controversy surrounding EA’s implementation of microtransaction-based loot boxes. What you might not know is that EA officially has the most downvoted comment in Reddit history, and it’s entirely thanks to Battlefront 2. … Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 – Loot box changes

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If you’ve been following the development of Battlefront 2, you probably know all about the loot boxes and Star Cards. What you might not know is how much has changed regarding how those loot boxes work since the open beta just a few weeks ago. If you have no clue … Read More

Forza Motorsport 7 – Setup and ready for…. Microtransactions!

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Would you be surprised if I told you yet another game has been released with the loot box system that currently plagues the gaming industry? What if I told you it was Forza Motorsport 7? Probably not too surprised, are you? No? That’s the problem. So many games have been … Read More