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Steam recently put LoTR: Shadow of Mordor on sale for 60% off, and that made me decide to check the price on G2A. I was surprised to see the price at G2A has dipped down to as low as $13 for the GOTY edition! If you’ve been waiting for a good deal to come around to get SOM, then this is it.


Shadow of Mordor is a great singleplayer experience if you’re the kind of person who is into slicing up uruks by the dozen and avenging your recently murdered family while free running around Mordor. You take control of the Gondorian Ranger Talion on his quest for vengeance deep within… erm… the shadows of Mordor. Without giving too much of the plot away, sh** goes down, people die, and Talion winds up trapped in Mordor possessed by an Elven wraith (ghost) whose identity and motives are unknown even to him.

The gameplay is great and it’s kind of like WB took the Batman Arkham series combat, mixed it with Assassin’s Creed free running and then put it all into a LoTR inspired open-world filled with Uruks to decapitate… and stuff. The storyline is also really captivating and its makes it hard to pull away and take part in the open-world events at times.

golum-lotr-shadow-of-mordor2It’s really one of those games that you absolutely have to play through at least once – especially if you’re a fan of Lord of The Rings series. To those who aren’t the biggest LoTR fans, SOM should still be appealing if you like games like the Batman Arkham series because the combat is almost identical, but with more decapitations; or if you’re a fan of Assassin’s Creed style open-world gameplay. But regardless if you’re a fan of the LoTR series or not, you’re definitely going to recognize our deviously twisted guide through Mordor. I think he’s also been around the internet once or twice…

One of the most interesting parts of Shadow of Mordor has to be the “Nemesis System”, which is pretty much what the whole game revolves around. It consists of Sauron’s captains who will be pursuing you and appearing randomly throughout the world doing their own stuff, as well as his warchiefs who control Mordor’s forces from the safety of their fortresses. Each captain and warchief has their own individual strengths and weaknesses which can only be discovered through interrogating other Uruks, and in some cases only take effect once you’ve discovered them.

Without turning this into a review, you should definitely jump on this deal if you’ve been waiting to grab Shadow of Mordor. Even when it was on sale through Steam it was still about $5 cheaper at G2A, and if you’re getting a game on-sale you might as well save every penny possible!

Get Shadow of Mordor for $13 at G2A!

Have you played Shadow of Mordor? Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments! 

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