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Ghost Recon: Wildlands drops you into the middle of Bolivia, over and over again. It’s a new take on the old idea of “Ghost Recon”, but this time, it takes a step back into the modern-era, and out of the futuristic worlds of Advanced Warfighter et al.

It’s a completely open-world, and beautifully rendered Bolivia (one of the nicest South American countries to visit). I’m sure you can assume the plot already, and it’s exactly what you’re thinking. You’re part of a team of elite soldiers who are sent in to take down the bad guys, who just so happen to be murderous drug kingpins, and their various settlements / operations.

The world is absolutely massive, and puts you through numerous different climates, from snow covered mountains to barren deserts, and everything in between. It is allegedly the largest open-world that Ubisoft has ever built, which is saying something.

Co-op is a huge part of Wildlands, and each of the 4 Ghosts have their own upgradable skill-set. Working together is going to be extremely important as you make your way across the map, but if you’re playing with 3 other friends who want to solo things for a bit, everyone is free to do as they want. Although, you can also play offline with the assist of the other 3 AI controlled Ghosts who will stealth-kill enemies in sync with you, and ride shotgun in your vehicles.

Wildlands implements an interesting political system, which exists between the numerous factions of Tom Clancy’s rendition of Bolivia. You’re able to toy with these relationships, and make factions turn on each other, or become stronger allies. You also have your own standing with them, and can toy with those accordingly as well.

Going along with the whole sand-box feeling, you’re able to tackle missions in various ways, using your environment, the weather, and the time of day to your advantage, or in some cases, to your disadvantage. You can rush a compound during the day-time, guns blazing, or you can sneak in under the cover of dark, it’s your choice.

All-in-all, Ghost Recon: Wildlands looks like an absolutely amazing open-world game, with an extreme levels of detail added almost everywhere. There is no official release date set, yet, but it’s confirmed for both next-gen consoles, and of course, PC.

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