What is a VPN and should you be using one?

Updated: July 4th, 2019Author: BrantonCategory: Guides2 Comments

what is a vpn

With the internet awash with genius-level hackers, sneaky phishing attempts, and just shady dealings altogether, VPNs are becoming more and more important. But why? What is a VPN and what exactly does it do? In short, a VPN isĀ one of the best and most secure ways to access the internet … Read More

How to pick the best prebuilt gaming PC

Updated: April 18th, 2019Author: BrantonCategory: Guides2 Comments

Shopping for a new prebuilt gaming PC can be extremely confusing. In fact, without knowing exactly what you’re looking for it can be really easy to buy a bunk build. Since nobody wants to accidentally rip themselves off, I’m going to give you some quick pointers on how to pick … Read More

10 Most common mistakes when building your computer

Updated: March 5th, 2019Author: BrantonCategory: Guides8 Comments

mistakes when building a computer

Trying to build your own computer isn’t the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but to say there’s nothing that could go wrong wouldn’t be accurate in the least bit. There’s actually a lot that could get in the way of you and a completed build. Luckily, more often than not … Read More