What is a CPU? Why does your computer need one?

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what is a cpu computer

Without a CPU, your computer simply wouldn’t work. But, why is that? What is a CPU and what exactly do they do? Do you really have to spend a lot to get good performance? Let’s find out. A¬†CPU (Central Processing Unit), often just referred to as a processor, can be … Read More

How to pick the best monitor for gaming

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how to pick the best monitor for gaming

Gaming is more fun when you have the right hardware and one of the biggest hardware considerations you’ll need to take into account is how to pick the best gaming monitor. Not only is your monitor important because it displays everything you see, but also because it might just be … Read More

What is a graphics card? What do they do?

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Graphics cards, or GPUs, are one of the primary¬†components of any computer. But, what is a graphics card? Why is having one so important? From playing games to editing videos and even browsing the web, graphics are everywhere. With that in mind, you need something to render what’s on your … Read More

A list of parts needed to build a custom computer

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list of parts to build a pc

When you’re building a computer from scratch there’s a lot to consider; from graphics cards to processors it can definitely be overwhelming at first. Why not make it easier and check out this list of the parts you’ll need to build your own desktop? This is going to be a … Read More

The best CPUs to buy in late 2018

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best cpus 2018

Buying a CPU can be a mind-numbing experience thanks to the massive array of options at your disposal – especially in late 2018. Let’s try to make that a more simplified and streamlined process by eliminating the bloat and focusing on the best! This quick round-up is going to show … Read More