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HELLION is an early access pre-alpha space sim/survival game that recently dropped onto Steam’s digital shelves. The phrase “pre-alpha” should tell you how far along in development this glittering gem is, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Wishlist it!

It might not be entirely playable by some people’s standards, yet, but since release, the devs have released multiple patches to rectify the most pervasive issues that us players have been experiencing. This gives me a lot of hope that this particular dev group cares as much about community input as they do about building an amazing game – something rare in the EA space lately.

HELLION is without a doubt a survival-based game, right now the only survival aspects you have to worry about are your oxygen and energy levels, but there are plans for temperature and radiation mechanics as well. I don’t think we’ll ever see hunger/thirst mechanics, but that’s not something I’m too worried about given the other survival aspects to manage.

Where it differs from every other survival game is in how your base is built – you don’t technically “build” the core components and they are salvaged instead. You start with a basic “lifeboat” type module in which you can respawn and store some things, but that’s it. This means to expand your base you’re going to have to get out there and explore to find new and better “modules”. This is a system that I’m hugely fond of as it forces players to leave their “home” and go explore.

It’s extremely difficult to get a handle on the physicals of flying a ship and even performing a basic EVA, but if you’ve played some Kerbal Space Program or something similar you’re going to have a good idea of what needs to be done to effectively move. HELLION is built upon Newtonian physics with complete orbital cycles and “proper” rules about movement in space. This means that for every forward movement, you will have to move backward in an equal amount to counteract your forward momentum. Like I said, it takes a while to get a grasp of, but once you do it’s pretty easy to move around.

Most of the mechanics are still being worked on and fleshed out, but there’s definitely enough implemented at this stage for you to get a good idea of how HELLION will play. That being said, I’m not saying you should go out and spend $30 on a title this early in its development, but you should without a doubt add it to your Wishlist if you’re a fan of the concept! Who knows, in 5-6 months it might be your new main game!

In any event, I’ll be writing about HELLION a little bit over the course of its development as it’s a game that I’m hugely excited to see get big. It’s not quite there, yet, but I have absolutely no doubt that it’ll be amazing given enough time! Yes, right now there are tons of bugs, crashes, and things of that nature, but that’s true for any EA title and it’s something that we as gamers should expect with titles such as this. BUT, with how active the devs are I am very confident that HELLION will become something worth your time and money.

Have you played HELLION yet? Already in your Wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

*Wishlist This is a new series of posts I’m starting that will feature EA games I think you should keep an eye on. 

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