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Herman Miller has been in the business of putting together top-level office chairs, among other things, for a long time now. Their critically acclaimed Aeron is absolutely no exception and it’s one of the most widely used computer chairs and is universally accepted as one of the best options for practically any usage.

As long as you can afford it. 

The Aeron is rather pricey but what you get in return are incredible ergonomics and an extremely comfortable chair that’ll ultimately reduce back strain and potentially even limit back pain in the long-term. 

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Herman Miller Aeron Remastered




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The Good
  • Incredible ergonomics
  • Very comfortable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Reduces strain on lower back
  • 12 year warranty
The Bad
  • It’s pretty expensive

The Aeron is rather pricey but what you get in return are incredible ergonomics and an extremely comfortable chair that’ll ultimately reduce back strain and potentially even limit back pain in the long-term.

  • Total height: 38.5″ – 43″
  • Seat height: 14.75″ – 20.5″
  • Width:  25.75″ – 28.25″
  • Max supported weight: 120lbs – 350lbs
  • Primary material: 8Z Pellicle (mesh)
  • Warranty: 12-years


Like with the bulk of Herman Miller’s office chairs, the Aeron is built with ergonomics in mind with the aim of reducing the strain on your lower back and ultimately lessening long-term back pain. It’s the perfect chair if you’re like me and you’re sitting for numerous hours every day. 

The Aeron can be customized quite a bit on Herman Miller’s site. There are a few different colors styles available as well as 3 different sizes. Size A is the best for smaller people who weigh in under 120lbs. Size B is the best for “average” sized people up to 200lbs and Size C is for everyone larger than that. 

Although the Aeron is a little more pricey than your average office chair, you get what you pay for and that’s top-of-the-line quality and comfort. A chair like this is most definitely a long term investment that can easily last you up to and beyond 10-years. 

Whether you’re using it in the office, for your gaming battlestation, or in front of a crafts desk, the Herman Miller Aeron should not be overlooked! 


Herman Miller’s designs are often very unique while also maintaining a very minimalist look and feel at the same time. The Aeron shares this style and comes in somewhere between minimalist and unique. Meaning, it’s going to work great anywhere you use it, whether that’s the office, your gaming battlestation, or wherever else you might utilize a task chair without looking out of place. But, it’s also going to stand out enough to look like the expensive piece of engineering that it is. 

Right now you might be thinking “but there’s no padding, how can it be comfortable?!” and that’s a fair question. Believe it or not, it’s actually the lack of padding that makes the Aeron such an ergonomic and comfortable chair. The mesh material (8Z Pellicle) used is specifically designed to provide ample support over the 8 most important zones to reduce strain. 

In terms of ergonomic design, the Aeron is a tried-and-true leader. Not only does the highly adjustable and ergonomic design lend itself to a very comfortable sitting experience, but it also lessens back pain and decreases strain. Ultimately, this results in improved back health and a more enjoyable sitting experience. 

In comparison to the classic Aeron, the remastered version comes with some key improvements that help make it one of the best chairs for anything, including gaming. Some of the upgrades include a redesigned and more intuitive adjustment system for enhanced comfort, zoned suspension to provide support where its needed, and vastly improved spinal support. 

There are 3 different sizes of the Aeron Remastered available ranging in support from 120lbs up to 350lbs. To aid you in picking the perfect chair, Herman Miller has put together this sizing chart so you know whether you should be picking A, B, or C. 


If you’re sitting for hours on end and your current chair just isn’t up to the task, then you should be considering an upgrade to the Herman Miller Aeron. This is even more important if you’re sitting for extended periods due to work – you simply cannot do your best work if you’re constantly struggling to get comfortable! 

Same goes for gaming, how do you expect to destroy your competition if you’re always fidgeting around because your chair sucks? Exactly! You won’t! Or, at the very least, there will be instances where you’re the one being destroyed because you can’t get into the zone due to a lack of comfort! 

Why fight with the distraction of discomfort when you can invest in your body and upgrade yourself to a Herman Miller Aeron? 

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Herman Miller Aeron Remastered


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