Hitman: Sapienza (EP2) update – My impressions

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The newest installment into the recently released Hitman game dropped yesterday, and it’s definitely adding more of what I expected from this Hitman iteration. A big open map, lots of interactions, and most importantly, lots of ways to finish the primary contract – which is also pretty interesting.


The map of Sapienza is really big compared to maps in past Hitman games, and it gives off a very open feeling. There are lots of possible paths you can take, and a lot of hidden secrets throughout. The design is really nice, and if you’ve ever been to Italy you’ll feel like you’re back there again, only this time to perform some wet work. Sapeinza is also loosely based on an actual town in Italy named Amalfi (pic here).

Without spoiling the plot, the first contract you’re sent on in Sapienza involves assassinating two people and completing one more important objective. The amount of ways you’re given to finish this contract is great, and I spent a couple of hours just running around the level trying to find all of the opportunities, good “vantage points”, and whatever else I could use to my benefit.

Compared to the first contract you’re given in Paris, the Sapienza update feels like Hitman is moving in the right direction. In my opinion, the Paris map felt really small for what kind of game this Hitman was hyped up to be, but after seeing this newest update I can definitely see where they’re taking this game – it’ll be really exciting to see the finished product.

Regarding the episodic installments, this is also something that I was initially skeptical about, but now I’m kind of digging it. It’s kind of like waiting for a new episode of your favorite TV show to release, only you have to wait longer. The anticipation adds to the whole mystery behind what’s actually going down in this Hitman installment. They’ve always had overarching story-lines that the assassinations play into, and I’m really stoked to see how things pan out in this one.


As far as an $10 update goes (if you don’t own a season’s pass) it’s an amazing value. I think if games are going to be released early like they have been over the past few years, they should maybe take some ideas from how Square Enix handled the Hitman release, and only charge for the content that’s currently ready. I don’t mind paying ~$10 installments for content until a game is fully completed (as long as the final cost is relative to the average cost of a game), compared to dropping $60 on something that wont be fully done for 6 months.

What are your thoughts on this latest Hitman installment? Are you liking how the game is turning out? Let me know in the comments!

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