How to fix the 1000.50 error in GTA Online (Lowriders DLC)

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If you’re currently locked out of GTA Online and getting the 1000.50 error, this is definitely something you should attempt! I wasn’t able to get into Grand Theft Auto Online all afternoon from about 1:30 PM PDT until around 8 AM the next morning, I tried everything possible without any real progress, until I did what was probably one of the first things that I should have tried…


I tried almost everything possible including validating the cache and a whole bunch of other seemingly pointless stuff. What finally allowed me to get back into GTA Online was installing the new version of Social Club! It’s super easy to do and fixed the problem almost instantly! You can find the installer in your GTAV folder under “installers” (…\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\Installers > Social Club v1.1.6.8 Setup.exe)

Just in case you need steps to follow:

  1. Navigate your way to your “Grand Theft Auto V” folder under “steamapps”
  2. Open the “Installers” folder
  3. Run “Social Club V1.1.6.8 Setup.exe”

Run the installer and you’ll be in GTA Online in no time at all. Don’t thank me for this fix, though, because I found it on the Steam Community and if you want to thank anyone, go over and thank no1warr1or!

I was actually pretty blown away at how easy this error was to get around, and how long it took me to figure out how to actually do it, and it was so basic! Either way, I hope that running the social club v1.1.6.8 installer worked and was able to get you into GTA Online so you can start modding your lowriders!

Did this fix work for you? Let us know in the comments! 



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