How to Get Started in Game Streaming: The Ultimate Guide

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Last updated Feb 10, 2022

With the abundance of video games, it’s not surprising that more people have recently begun streaming careers. And although the number of game streamers surges annually, the request is still on, so if you’re planning to enter the field–and you’re since you’ve started reading this article–there is no better time to do that than now. 

Kicking off streaming requires completing a bunch of steps, from choosing the screen to securing additional accessories. Below you’ll find essential things to ensure your streaming career goes with the flow.

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List Of Streaming Equipment
gaming headset and keyboard

Choosing the platform to stream

Technological advancement has made streaming widely accessible. Not only do you have plenty of choices with, let’s say, hardware for streaming, but you can also select from various streaming platforms. And while Twitch may come to your mind first, make sure to learn more about its competitors, Facebook and YouTube. It’s for you to decide which platform to choose, as they are all fantastic. More importantly, remember to promote your channel using a free facebook, twitch, or youtube cover template.  If your interested in streaming on twitch, check out this article.

What makes a good streamer?

Indubitably, a good streamer is a skillful streamer. But with the tight competition in various gaming genres, a skillset is slowly becoming a secondary requirement. It’s charisma and a person’s peculiarities that start mattering more. Of course, that all hinges on your streaming purpose and what gaming format you strive to perform (more on that below). In any case, try to balance your prowess with being an interesting character.

Define your purpose

Before digging any deeper into the gaming setup, it’s imperative to ask a why question. Why do you want to stream? What’s your streaming purpose? Answering such questions may well be challenging, and in no way might it be easy to find definitive answers. However, brainstorming, you whittle down your list of aims, which will allow you to find your niche, streaming format, and ultimate satisfaction. 

Your goals can range from accumulating subscribers and providing them with professional content to streaming casual gameplay and interacting with the followers. Notably, try to set realistic goals and work toward completing them.

Building solid machine: Hardware and stuff

Finally, we’ve come to the core part of streaming. Streaming is unachievable without solid hardware. The problem is, though, choosing hardware is not nearly an easy task. Being in the industry for a handful of years, we can’t say for sure what item to choose, as the market offers plenty of choices. Moreover, it all depends on the budget you can spare. 

The more doesn’t often mean the better, and even $700 may be enough to kickstart your streaming career. Notwithstanding, let’s inspect the three indispensable parts that will secure a smooth picture and top-notch gaming experience.If you want more information on the hardware you need, check out this article.


Whatever the game you aspire to broadcast, the choice of graphics card must be weighed up and meticulous. The thing is, upon running the stream, you make your GPU work twice harder. So consider this before deciding on the graphics card. Also, keep in mind that the higher resolution you choose, the more robust GPU you will want to purchase. 

If you don’t plan to begin your streaming career with 4K gaming, GeForce GTX 1660 Ti may be your go-to. It won’t break your bank but will provide a good picture for your streams.


CPU and GPU go hand in hand, so you can’t buy a first-class GPU and a mediocre CPU and expect stunning performance. That won’t work. Undoubtedly, you can’t be picky if your budget isn’t high enough. Depending on how much you can invest in your setup, your options will range. But assume money is not an issue. In that case, we recommend gravitating toward Intel and its Core i7 and i9 and Ryzen 7 and 9. They will provide sufficient resources to power up your streams and secure a good, flat connection.


Many consider a monitor a supplementary item, meaning it isn’t as essential as the mentioned two components. And while that’s true, a good screen, especially the one that supports a 16:9 format (required by streaming platforms), is a must. 

If you intend on playing first-person shooters, focusing on Monitor Refresh rate and Response time is crucial. If the budget allows, you may also think of getting a dual-monitor setup to improve your multitasking and overall gaming/streaming experience. 


You can find numerous accessories on the market, like mics, cameras, and lights. They vastly range in prices, so you will always find something suitable. We suggest looking for them once you handle the previous aspects. 


Using Open Broadcast Software

If you are positive about remaining in the streaming world, learning the ropes of OBS and utilizing it within every stream is paramount. Keep in mind, the app is not easy to use; you’ll encounter plenty of issues before learning the app’s nuts and bolts. But once you do learn them, you’ll secure high-quality streams. Besides gathering all the hardware and control of them in one place, Open Broadcast Software also lets you customize the stream and make sure the viewers have the best experience possible.


Streaming requires intensive preparation, and securing all the necessary elements sure may do your head in. Other than building a PC, you should also decide on the streaming platform and define the purpose of your live broadcasts. Provided are essential steps you need to complete to make sure your streaming career begins flawlessly and takes off ultimately.

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