How To Survive 2 Announced!

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How To Survive 2 was announced early this AM by 505 in the form of an “early access” trailer on YouTube. HTS2 takes place in the same universe as the first, but this new iteration offers up improved graphics, hundreds of new objects to craft, and coop. The games takes place mostly around the French Quarter of New Orleans and the bayous of Louisiana, similar to Mafia III.. but with zombies.


This second time around, 505 means to expand on the initial experience of How To Survive by giving everyone something they craved – multiplayer. Co-op of up to 4 people is possible and there is more than likely going to be paths which can only be taken with the assistance of at least 1 other person.

All-in-all, How To Survive 2 sounds like it’s going to be great, and it’s definitely a title I’ll be picking up.



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