Is Nioh worth buying on PC?

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Koei Tecmo’s PS4 hit Nioh was released on PC earlier in November. But is it worth buying or is it just another terrible port? Let’s take a look.

Since releasing on PC, Nioh has received a Mostly Positive rating on Steam with over 80% of reviews being positive. I picked it up on launch day and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I didn’t get a chance to play it on PS4 so I’m glad it was ported to PC. That being said, when Nioh was ported to PC, some things were seemingly overlooked and you might want to consider them before buying.

What’s wrong with Nioh?

The first, and probably the biggest problem is the complete lack of mouse input. Simply put, without running third-party programs and/or scripts, your mouse won’t work in Nioh. Not in the menus, not to look around, and definitely not to attack. For some, this might be an understandable deal breaker. There are keyboard controls, but Nioh isn’t the kind of game you want to play using just a keyboard. So, your options are either use a controller, get used to only keyboard controls, or tinker around with different programs to force mouse input to work.

The second problem isn’t huge, but it’s confused a lot of people judging by what I’ve read since release. Nioh’s default resolution is 720p and the only way you can change it is via the launcher, there’s no option to change the resolution in the in-game settings. There are also some issues with getting the resolution to actually change the first time you launch the game, chances are you’ll have to try twice before it actually works.

The third problem doesn’t affect everyone, but it seems pretty bad for those who are affected. There are allegedly some pretty bad crashing issues according to most negative reviews found on Steam. Personally, I haven’t experienced a single crash in over 10-hours of gameplay, but there are a bunch of people talking about similar crashes before/after cinematics, so I don’t doubt that it’s a thing.

The last issue I’m going to talk about might be another deal breaker for some. Your multiplayer region is tied to your Steam download region. Meaning, if you want to play with someone from across the country you’ll have to make sure both your Steam download regions are set the same. This effectively works to fragment the online community into a ton of small groups. Not the best idea, Koei.


All of those negative points aside, Nioh is still an amazing game on PC. It’s extremely Souls-like while throwing in more RPG elements, a deeper combat system with stances and combos, and even Geralt of Rivia. Okay, maybe it’s not actually Geralt, but minus his scars and crazy eyes you have to admit there’s a striking resemblance between him and William.

Something I find really interesting is that the protagonist (William Adams) is actually based on a real-life English explorer who landed in Japan and became a Samurai in the 17th century. Who would have thought?

nioh william adams

The loot system is possibly a little too deep, the story is pretty much a secondary thought, and certain parts of the UI feel dated and cluttered, but overall it’s still a great game. I mean, as long as you’re not trying to play with a mouse. The combat is difficult but satisfying, bosses are pretty much guaranteed to kill you at least once, there’s deep character customization and a very rich looting system to compliment it. All of this makes Nioh a very worthwhile game if you like a challenge.

If you’re already going to be playing with a controller and you just want to lay waste to demons in feudal Japan with The Witcher’s long lost brother, I’d say it’s a pretty easy decision. But, if you want to play it using keyboard and mouse, your decision might be a little more difficult.

If nothing else, there are NO microtransactions and that’s a relief.

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